The following is an exclusive interview that  Surfing The Apocalypse conducted with Bryan Williams a.k.a. Sargel 18.

Bryan has discovered and photographed a "vortex" in Wanaque, New Jersey that seems to be a gateway to another dimension.

This interview was conducted via email over a period of several weeks by Theresa de Veto for Surfing The Apocalypse.

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SURFING:  You were born in 1959. What does this date have to do with your story and your name, Sargel 18?

SARGEL18:   I was born on 11/5/1959 and this makes me a Scorpio. As astrology goes, this gives me 9 planets and asteroids in the 5th house, including my sun. Six of these planets and asteroids are in conjunction in Scorpio. Since Scorpio's are extremely psychic to begin with, six Scorpio conjunctions give me a tremendous psychic ability. Since the fifth house represents child like demeanor and viewpoint, I am unclouded by adult focus, and can see things as a child. An interesting focus of my chart was given in 1997 by the famous modern astrology interpreter Robert Hand. When viewing my chart he asked immediately if I was involved with aliens. The answer of course was, "Yes." He continued to tell about a comet that came very close to the Earth on this date and that most of the people whose charts he has studied, born on this date, have alien encounters. I thought that was ironic.

SARGEL18:  My name Sargel simply means "Sergeant of Light." Sarg (Sergeant) and (EL) light. The 18 has a more complicated meaning. In 1959 the Montauk Project was in full bloom. This project had to do with "time manipulation." When they opened the doorway in time to do whatever it was that they were doing on this particular date, 18 souls from the future came through and "walked in." These 18 souls' purpose is to enlighten humanity to the upcoming events in humanity's future. These souls, according to  Al Bielek, are called "triple auras" and possess tremendous abilities. So far I have displayed 22 known abilities in the paranormal field, and for this web page the UFO/Vortex evidence has been by far unsurpassed, or as least as I'm told. I have met 3 others from the 18, and they also show far-reaching abilities in their own fields of research. So, the 18 is there in remembrance of my 17 other brothers and sisters, who came to this time for a very tough mission of enlightenment. I am close friends with Al Bielek and  Steward Swerdlow. Both are in agreement with the evidence I present.

SURFING:  What happened to you in 1964? What did you remember about it at the time?

SARGEL18:  In 1964, there was a major UFO flap, which lasted for a couple of years, in  Wanaque, NJ. It was centered in the reservoir region. I lived directly across from the dam. One night I was awakened by a light coming through my window and a voice that said, "Get dressed Sargel it's time to go to school." Because I was only 4 years old and not even in school yet made no difference to me. I dressed myself and looked outside my window and noticed how light it was for nighttime. A glowing platform, with a being on it (whom I now know as NEJU, an Endorian alien), was suspended next to the window. I stepped out onto this platform and rode down behind my house to a two story "bell-shaped" craft. Once I entered the ship, I noticed how vast it was inside, which contradicted its physical size. I met with a group of "Light Beings" and they took me to the Sahara Desert. There I was shown "movies" of the probable reality of humankind. Many different scenarios of upcoming Earth changes, and shifts in mass consciousness were shown to me, and the job that I had volunteered for. To make a long story short, I was told that, at the age of twenty-eight, I would awaken, and that I was to leave whatever reality I had set up and go find my first teacher. As if on cue, at twenty-eight, I awakened and I left with the clothes on my back. I was swimming in the memories of the childhood encounter. I went where I knew the teacher would be and knocked on the door. When it opened, a man stood there and spoke one sentence that would set the pace of my awakening. "I have been waiting 15 years for you to come, it is now time to learn." And it's been like a fantasy ever since.

SURFING:   Who was this man that said he had been waiting for 15 years? What kinds of things did you start to learn from him?

SARGEL18:   The person who answered the door was the most powerful witch in Wanaque. Maybe one of the most powerful in this reality. He is of countless generations of witches and would be considered black. I learned everything I could from him. In asking why I was sent to him first, the answer came back that I would have to know both sides of the equation in order to figure out how magick works in general. This I did.Then, when the time came, I left him to follow my mission.

SURFING:   So by studying with a "black" witch, you learned how to protect yourself from the negative forces that you would later encounter?

SARGEL18:   Yes I did. I also have come to the realization that both black and white magick, mechanics-wise, are practically the same. It just amounts to intent, motive and free will. I can handle myself magickally because my intent and motive are secure by means of my mission, the evidence that the Creator has granted me, and by my actions. This is a very powerful place to be coming from. Remember, the most powerful that you can be is to just "be".

SURFING:  In our conversation, you told me that you "awakened" in 1988. Can you tell me about this?

SARGEL18:  This was a very traumatic experience. One day I was a normal person getting ready to watch the NY Jets play football. I went downstairs to get a beer out of my second refrigerator in the basement. The whole basement was covered with black Salamanders. Instantly, everything came back from the alien encounter I had in the mid-sixties.Needless to say, I never got that beer or watched that game. I just went upstairs to my study and stared at the walls. Then, like so many other people, my whole life fell apart and changed to what I call, "The Mission." The one thing that seems to set me apart from others is that, instead of having an "awakening," and telling my story without any evidence, or with a small amount of evidence, I have more evidence than anyone I have ever met with a similar experience. This works against me all the time. People just can't believe that one person can have all this evidence while most of the famous UFO/Paranormal people do not.

SURFING:  How/When did you first discover the Wanaque, NJ vortex?

SARGEL18:  Ever since the awakening, alien type energies have made their presence known to me in the form of psychic communication. These energies would guide and teach me if needed. But they would always give me just enough information so I would be able to (if I tried hard enough) find out the answer for myself. They told me I would find a doorway in time. That I would be able to manipulate that doorway so people could ascend to a safe place if needed in the future. Throughout my studies, I always kept this in mind. I knew I had to start my search for this doorway in Wanaque, for reasons I wish not to go into at this moment. In 1988 I started slowly looking. I knew if I were to find anything I would have to go where people didn't go. So I started walking the mountains at night by myself, using myself as bait for any encounter. There were a number of events that happened over the course of time. Finally, 10 years later, I still hadn't given up. I was poised on a mountain ridge, across from the Wanaque dam. I had a good view of the reservoir. It was windy and cold that night. The clue to where they were came quite by accident. I went to light up a cigarette and the wind kept blowing out my match. So I cupped my hands and lowered my head to light it. That's when I saw a light down in the back swamps behind the mountains. I watched the light dancing around and then it disappeared. Two nights later I found myself in that very swamp. I set up my camcorder and started looking around. I figured I would take video and pictures from a camera. I turned around and there stood the alien. This is the night I call, " contact." Here is one picture of myself photographing the Endorian alien as it stood in front of me, and in front of the time doorway.

SURFING:  What are ORBS?

SARGEL18:  The orbs are just the first level of evidence that there are beings around us, all the time, that most people cannot perceive. Everyone knows about ghosts and such spirit beings. Beings that you only know about when they are seen. I find it most interesting that people don't really think about where these beings are when they are not seen. The answer is they are still there, all around us, at all times. There has been much talk and many books written on the subject of our light bodies. The Orbs are just that, the light bodies of beings that exist outside of our 5 senses. They can travel among us unnoticed by most people. The orbs are energy. For this writing I'll say "Soul" energy. Energy is not in chaos in this universe. It must take some form. The most common form is orbs in two distinct shapes, football and round. It depends on the individual being's energy vibration as to what shape it will be. Also, this soul energy can take many different shapes at will, depending on what or whom it is contacting. This is why I have thousands of different beings on film. To most, this theory sounds quite fantastic, but that is only because of their 3rd dimensional viewpoint. In 3rd dimension, you have to exert physical energy to move from place to place. Outside of 3rd dimension, physical energy no longer exists. There have been many debunkers making statements about the orb phenomena. I find it funny to see such an opposition. Why? Because there are billions of people on this planet that believe "out of this dimension" beings have visited here, and we have created vast powerful organizations to support these beings' supernatural existence and teachings. One major example is the Catholic church, and the being, Jesus. Get my point?

SARGEL18:  I have built many machines by instructions from the Endorians. This is a picture of a field communicator at the vortex. The orbs are coming to feed on the energy coming through the crystal in the form of light. Notice that some of the orbs in the photo are moving while others are still.

SURFING:   How many "types" of interdimensional beings have you been able to identify?

SARGEL18:  I have thousands of different beings on film and video. As many as there are different beings here in 3rd dimension, such as people, horses, dogs, fish, birds, etc., There are just as many different beings on other dimensions. I will give you 11 examples of such beings starting with orbs. There isn't enough time or space on this web page for all my evidence. It would take three days of showing pictures every 15 seconds to cover just the great pictures I have. That's a lot of pictures.

SARGEL18:  Here is a great photo of an orbship.

SURFING:  Who are the Endorians?

SARGEL18:  The Endorians are beings of the astral plane. They are the counter to the negative aliens which I call the Dragons. Both are reptile in nature and evolution. People forget that there has to be balance in the universe, this is how the Creator (God) set it up. So where there is good, there is evil. Which again is just a perception. There is no good and evil, only there IS. But for human reference I will call the Endorians good and the Dragons bad. There is too much information for a web page about the Endorian beings, it would fill a whole book. But I will tell you this, they have been with us since modern humans have existed. They told me that it was them who taught Sanskrit to the Sumerians, and that there was evidence of their people 90 miles northwest of Paris in caves. I have yet to go there and find out if this is true.

SARGEL18:  Here is what I believe to be the only picture of an alien being sticking its head out to show itself from its light body. It looks like a reptilian and is rainbow in color. I believe this alien is a scout and of the Rainbow race.

SARGEL18:  Here is a close-up of the same alien with the contrast turned down so you can see it better.

SURFING:   Why do you call them the Endorians?

SARGEL18:  I call the benevolent astral aliens "Endorians" because this is what they told me they are called. For me this makes sense, because ever since I have been awakened, the energy that guides me has told me that I was the "Keeper of Endor", and I am here to create "Dor". Endor as some metaphysical scholars believe is where the fount of the Christ consciousness comes from into our dimension. This might be so since I am dealing with a doorway in time, and "Dor" simply means peace. The Endorians have been helping humankind since it's modern conception. I believe the word modern designates when we stopped acting on pure instinct and started thinking for ourselves.

SURFING:  The Endorians showed you "movies" of the probable reality of humankind." Were these "movies" of the future? And what was the message? Did they tell you what your purpose is in this?

SARGEL18:  The movies that I was shown, when the Endorians in Wanaque (1964) picked me up, were of the probable realities in our near future.To be exact, from 1990 to 2025. I made predictions in the mid 1990's based upon these movies and they came true. For example: The exact date of flight 800, the month the Israeli Prime Minister would be assassinated, Mother Teresa's death, the Greenland meteor hit and so on. After these predictions came true many people came to me from around the globe wanting to know more. It became so much that I tried to force some predictions from my own psychic energy. These didn't come true, so I stopped. I realized that people were just prediction junkies, and, even if you gave them the correct predictions, they wouldn't learn from them. They just wanted more and more. I realized the same thing in giving psychic readings. People just didn't want to listen or change, even when you're correct. They just wanted to hear them. Readings take a lot of energy and even though I have given over 4500 readings, all over the country, and I make $150.00 an hour doing it , I'm here to help, not to be a dog and pony show. So I stopped giving readings. It hurt financially, but I figure I will be rewarded in the hereafter.

SARGEL18:   I will leave this answer with two more predictions of the movies I saw. 1: I will open a doorway to another dimension in the year 2001, where people can go to safety. (and) 2: In the year 2003 there will be a great war and it will last 7 years. To answer the second part of your question I will just say that I am here to help humankind elevate it's mass consciousness, so it can handle what is about to come. This is why I have so much more evidence than others. I would rather overwhelm you now, than have you be overwhelmed and unprepared when the action starts.

SURFING:  You say you are dealing with "a doorway in time," and that you will "open a doorway to another dimension in the year 2001 where people can go to safety." First off, please define the difference between "a doorway in time" and a "doorway to another dimension."

SARGEL18:   For this writing there is no difference between "time" and "another dimension," for another dimension is just another time running parallel to this one that is perceived by humanity. Everything in 3rd dimension is an illusion and all illusion is just perception. In my own faith I believe I can transcend illusion, thus revealing many timelines, and since I believe, I do.

SURFING:   Why will people need to go through the "doorway to another dimension" for safety? And who will be allowed to go through this door?

SARGEL18:   There is much talk about a mass ascension that will happen in the future. People immediately focus in on the word "ascension" as meaning up. This is written about in many books as the "great lift off" and so on. What will really happen is that people will not go up to safety but "through" to safety, to a higher safe dimension. Where these doorways will appear, and who will go though, will be determined according to individual destiny. Some will go others won't. Free will plays a major part also, but not as much as one would think. If you are going to die or going to be saved, it will happen just as planned. This is the law. Why will people need to go through at all? There will be a war, the greatest war in this humanities memory.

SURFING:  Can you tell me more about this war of 2003? Who/What will it involve?

SARGEL18:  The dimensional doorway will be fully opened in the year 2003. The war will be with the inter-dimensional beings that I call Dragons. There will be many other players also controlled by the great Dragon who is Satan. So not only will this be a physical war but a war for one's very soul, with a host of demonic beings helping things along. Don't worry though, there are also good beings ready to do the work of the peaceful God. They are also here now, preparing. I call them Elohims and they posses much positive energy. If it weren't for my agreement with these peaceful beings, I would have been dead a long time ago at the vortex in Wanaque.

SARGEL18:  Here is a photo of a demonic being creature. These beings come out of nowhere and are very dangerous. I use the power of will and faith to destroy as many of these creatures as I can. On the right is the blacked out version so you can view the creature more clearly. Look at the demon's body closely and you will see smaller creatures.

SURFING:  I am sure that you are familiar with the following verses from The Bible, Book Of Revelation. Is this a reference to the war of 2003 that you speak of?
Revelation Chapter 12 Verses 7-9
Re:12:7: And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
Re:12:8: And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
Re:12:9: And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

SARGEL18:  Yes I do know that verse. Let me tell you of my second encounter with the energy that calls itself, "Michael." It was July of 1998 and I was going to the vortex six nights a week. One of the days, I was preparing in the afternoon for that night's routine, when I felt my consciousness lifted away. I found myself standing in front of a large wooden table with 9 beings sitting across from me. I couldn't make out all the beings just the one in the middle. The rest looked like shadows. I spoke first and asked where I was. The being in the middle answered : " I am Archangel Michael and this, Sargel, is the council of Nine." "Why am I here?", I asked. Michael answered simply, "You yelled loud enough." I thought for a moment and remembered I was pretty upset with the lack of assistance from Divine Providence in furthering my evidence so the masses would understand. With my Scorpio nature, I guess I raised enough hell for someone to notice. Michael gave me enough private info to satisfy my yearning. He told me that it is the Great Dragon that will make its appearance during Revelation and the Elohim would put him down. He also told me that I had two weeks before I flew to Denver to speak at the  Global Sciences Congress, and to prove to myself and humanity that there was help from above, I would take pictures of Angels to show at my lecture. But only for that two weeks. For the next two weeks I filmed beautiful white Angelic beings. After I went to Denver, I never took another picture of them.

SARGEL18:  This Great Dragon does exist in many horrible, as well as beautiful, forms. It has many facets to its consciousness. On Friday the 13th 1998, I came face to face with one of these horrible facets called the  " Jersey Devil." It was over 40 feet tall and it was feeding on the fear people have of Friday the 13th. Luckily Friday the 13th is one of my luckiest days, so there was no fear here! Below is the only known photo of the Jersey Devil.  (See Jersey Devil 1.) Notice it is a profile of the beast floating off the cliff, under the bridge. In photo Jersey Devil 2, I did some enhancement against the original and blacked out the extra astral matter around him. Notice the horn, the goatee, the overcoat and what appears to be an axe sticking out of its back. This being is damned by God to walk the Earth for eternity. In  Jersey Devil 3, I put the only known sketch from an eye witness in 1909, which was done by a police sketch artist, to the right of the photo taken on November 13, 1998. Quite similar! The only reason this being has any power at ALL is because of the inherent fear that is bottled up by us as human beings. Lose the fear of the unknown and kill the beast. Much easier said than done, heh?The next day I went to the top of the cliff to look around and I found this one print on the ledge in the soft dirt. It was the Devil's print.(Jersey Devil 4) It looks reptilian. I have taken it all over and asked many native trackers what it is and they don't know. We'll see. Of course, I took the physical print. To any magickal being such as myself, it is quite a prize!

                    JERSEY DEVIL  1                                                                JERSEY DEVIL 2
               (CLICK TO ENLARGE)                                                      (CLICK TO ENLARGE)
                       JERSEY DEVIL 3                                                             JERSEY DEVIL 4
                  (CLICK TO ENLARGE)                                                   (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

SURFING:  Edgar Cayce spoke of a time when humans could enter and leave the 3rd Dimensional plane at will. Is what you are talking about, more or less a return to what we once were? Will the persons that "escape" through this doorway, be able to re-enter this (3-D) reality when it is safe to return?

SARGEL18:  Yes,  Edgar Cayce spoke of such things coming about in the perceivable future. For one moment let me clarify Cayce and his abilities. Edgar Cayce was a tremendous human being who had the ability to see the future in the big picture. What I mean by this is that he could read the end result of an individual's KARMIC DESTINY, as well as Human mass consciousness' and his best prophetic power was displayed. What Cayce wasn't the best at was predicting the little karmic valleys that lead up to the big picture. This is why his latest prophecies for THIS now time haven't come about. Edgar Cayce's prophecy's were well noted and most were on the money. But if there is a way to manipulate time (i.e. The Montauk Project) he didn't see that his fame would have ignited the individuals that can achieve time manipulation and they would just simply "go back"and prevent it, so the future would be more in their favor. He should have seen this coming. I believe this has been done a number of times! What Cayce means in his statement about people being able to leave and return from 3rd dimensional time at will, is that the end result is that they will be able to. Just what led up to this reality has many different probable realities. According to my own research, I believe this to be true. It doesn't matter who the players are; it matters that it will be achieved. The Creator, or as I like to call it, "the uncontrollable unknown creation factor" has the final say in the karmic matter, and instills this into the cosmic computer that controls unstoppable destiny. This is energy of the God force and cannot be perverted in any way. Not even the"Great Dragon" can win over this energy. It is the basis for the "Good always wins over Evil" concept our race accepts. The mass consciousness acceptance of time manipulation is still in our race's probable future. A future visitor to our past has instilled anything that exists in evidence or theory on this concept. Since I haven't reached the "go there come back" thing dealing with this doorway, anything I state would only be speculation. I prefer not to try at this point in fear of actually creating reality.

SURFING:  What will it be like when people pass through this doorway? Will people in effect be able to enter a dimension that until now could only be entered in death? What will the physical changes be?

SARGEL18:  I believe there will be a dimensional blending and that passing through will be easy for the right people. I'm not sure what is the "right" person at this juncture. The most likely dimension will be the astral plane. There may not be any physical changes just changes in personal perception of one's reality.

SURFING:  How are you going about helping humankind to elevate it's mass consciousness and what can individuals do to help themselves with this process? What is it that we need to be prepared for?

SARGEL18:  I am bringing out all of this information even in the face of ridicule and major loneliness. I have been given more evidence of my claim than anyone before me or in this now moment. So much that no one wants to be around me for their realities are shaken to the core. The pictures I present are but a small part of this evidence. What most people call miracles are not uncommon in my life or in the lives of the people around me. This just makes people want to stay away from me. Knowing what I know of mass consciousness I don't blame them. People like their world safe. I make it unsafe. To prepare oneself for what is coming is simple, and I will sum it up in one statement: "Knowledge is power." That's it. Learn all you can, whether you believe it or not. If the unthinkable happens you will be prepared. Humanity must be prepared for one thing and one thing only. No matter who the material players are: BE PREPARED TO MEET YOUR MAKER. And believe you me, it's not what anyone expected!

This interview was conducted by Theresa de Veto for Surfing The Apocalypse.

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