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"By the 1880s, the governing establishments of Christendom were dreading the very word 'archaeologist'. And so, archaeological digs were brought under strict control, and their funding and undertakings had to be approved by newly designated authorities."

"One of these, the Egypt Exploration Fund, was established in Britain in 1891, and on the very first page of its Memorandum and Articles of Association it is stated that the Fund's objective is to promote excavation work "for the purpose of elucidating or illustrating the Old Testament narrative".

"In short, this meant that if something was found which could be used to support the scriptural teaching, then we (the public) would be informed. Anything which did not support the Church interpretation of the Bible was not destined to see the light in the public domain."

Excerpts from lecture by, Sir Laurence Gardner, Author Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed  and   Genesis of the Grail Kings: The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of Jesus Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 5, Number 6 (October-November 1998).


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OFFICIAL SITE OF MICHAEL CREMO  author of Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race (with Richard L. Thompson) From the site: "From its initial release in 1993 to the present, Forbidden Archeology has shocked and delighted readers around the globe with a veritable encyclopedia of anomalous scientific evidence challenging the standard views on human evolution. Join us in this fascinating intellectual excavation of a vast store of hidden knowledge and meet author Michael Cremo, who has planted a time bomb in the archives of conventional history." Cremo is also the author of several other books, including: The Hidden History of the Human Race (also written with Richard Thompson)  Forbidden Archeology's Impact: How a Controversial New Book Shocked the Scientific Community and Became an Underground Classic.and Divine Nature; A Spiritual Perspective on the Environmental Crisis Three films have been released based on Michael Cremo's work. The series is called The Mysterious Origins Of Man SeriesThe three tape set includes: The Mysterious Origins of Man, (the controversial NBC special), Mysterious Origins of Man (Companion Tape) and Jurassic Art.


CHAPTER FROM THE BOOK Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race --By Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson

KRONIA GROUP--An interdisciplinary exploration of myth, science and planetary catastrophe. 'Our mission is to illuminate the great mysteries of the ancient world, including the roots of global myths and symbols; consider the electrical forces, both subtle and violent, that animate and control the physical world; provide the first glimpses of an alien sky, when the Earth moved in a close assembly of planets dominated by the gas giant Saturn; and expand our liaison with intellectual pioneers around the world. '

A find of Bashkir scientists contrary to traditional notions of human history: stone slabs which are 120 million years old covered with a relief map of Ural Region. This seems to be impossible. Scientists of Bashkir State University have found indisputable proof of a ancient highly developed civilization’s existence....



Sometime between 1902 and 1910 three mysterious stones were discovered in three different Central Texas Counties

Suva - Mysterious skeletal remains of what appears to be a 3 000-year-old giant have been unearthed on a South Pacific island...

This figurine was found at Al Ubaíd archeological site in Iraq. It belongs to a such called Ubaíd period, dating 5900-4000 BCE, which predates the Sumerian culture.The object seem to express a humanoid head enclosed in a headgear which may be best characterized as a helmet.


THE TAKLA MAKAN MUMMIES--In the late 1980's, perfectly preserved 3000-year-old mummies began appearing in a remote Chinese desert. They had long reddish-blond hair, European features and didn't appear to be the ancestors of modern-day Chinese people. Archaeologists now think they may have been the citizens of an ancient civilization that existed at the crossroads between China and Europe.

ANCIENT MUMMIES FOUND BURIED IN CHINA--4000 Year old bodies very well preserved and are Caucasian

Lore Lindu, on Indonesia's island of Sulawesi, is a forest with secrets. There are birds that laugh like people and primates three inches high. There are also ancient granite carvings, called megaliths, that no one can explain.

BLONDES IN ANCIENT CHINA--Authorities on ancient Chinese civilization have usually considered it to have been completely isolated from European influences for millennia -- a homegrown culture characterized by unique cultural and technological innovations. This classical picture of ancient China will have to be modified after the recent unearthing of mummified Caucasians up to 4,000 years old in China's northwestern province of Xinjiang.

EGYPTIAN RUINS IN THE GRAND CANYON--Excerpt from Archeological Cover-Ups by David Hatcher Childress


THE GRAND CANYON FINDS--"Is the idea that ancient Egyptians came to the Arizona area in the ancient past so objectionable and preposterous that it must be covered up ? Perhaps the Smithsonian Institution is more interested in maintaining the staus quo then(sic) rocking the boat with astonishing new discoveries that totally overturn the previously accepted academic teachings."

SECRET CHAMBERS IN THE ROCKIES--." Entering this chamber, he saw ten stone boxes. He opened five of them; they all contained small, metal plates inscribed with an unknown script. Nearby lay two large stone coffins. Opening them both, he found they contained mummified human remains."


LOST CITY OF THE DEAD IN THE GRAND CANYON-- Ongoing Research by Jack Andrews and Susan Anway and a team of explorers...





XPEDITIONS MAGAZINE--Unexplained places, extraordinary artifacts surfacing, sacred and forgotten places hidden within the earth, evidence of extinct races who traveled the planet - The evidence of these intriguing mysteries are surfacing throughout the United States and worldwide!

ROMAN MUMMIES IN KENTUCKY?--Did 19th-century spelunkers really find the remains of four people dressed as Romans, plus a monkey, all petrified, in a Muhlenberg County cave?

SENSATIONAL FIND IN RUSSIA --The question as to whether or not we have received visitors from space can probably only be answered with certainty if and when we find indisputable evidence for such a visit here on Earth. Such a proof could consist of the discovery of artifacts whose exact age can be determined, and whose external and internal structure can be regarded as "time-anomalous". In recent years numerous micro-objects have been found in the Urals, which appear to fulfill these requirements. This is the first published report of the discovery.

ICE-AGE NANOTECHNOLOGY--The discovery, about a year ago, of possibly-extraterrestrial nano-artefacts from the upper Pleistocene in the Ural mountains, led to violent arguments. Are these really remnants of some unearthly technology, or merely industrial waste from our own times? The present report, by the Central Scientific Research Institute for Geology and Prospecting for Precious and Non-Ferrous Metals (ZNIGRI) in Moscow, which has now been translated into German, emphasises the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin.


ANCIENT BATTERIES AND ELECTRICAL DEVICES--Why on earth are the snake-stones (if that is what they are presumed to be) attached to some sort of a cord or cable, leading to a pedestal with Horus on the top of it in one case, and to the djed pillar in another? The cable depiction still bears traces of braiding—it is not a smooth cord but very much reminiscent to modern multipurpose cables. Then there is another mystery. The priests seem to be wearing some sort of goggles over their eyes.

THE BAGHDAD BATTERY--The jars are believed to be about 2,000 years old and consist of an earthenware shell, with a stopper composed of asphalt. Sticking through the top of the stopper is an iron rod. Inside the jar the rod is surrounded by a cylinder of copper. Konig thought these things looked like electric batteries and published a paper on the subject in 1940.

ANCIENT CHAMBERS SPAN ACROSS - BENEATH NORTHERN ARIZONA--New Orleans (AP) -- Three young archaelogists came to Northern Arizona and crept through sacred rooms, over rocky precipes and by dangerous rattlesnakes to discover a huge complex of catagombs that could rewrite theories about the Indians of the southwestern United States. "It's absolutely mind-numbing. We would have never believed it could have existed," John W. Hohman, one of the three archaeologists, said Friday during the meeting of the 2,000 member Society of American Archaeology. "It will change a lot of what we believed about Indians in the Southwest. They may have been far more advanced than we believed."

ANCIENT CIVILIZATION BENEATH DEATH VALLEY???--They found themselves in a natural underground cavern which they claimed to have followed about 20 miles north into the heart of the Panamint Mountains. To their amazement, they allegedly found themselves in an huge, ancient, underground cavern city. They claimed that they discovered within the city several perfectly preserved 'mummies', which wore thick arm bands, wielded gold spears, etc. The city had apparently been abandoned for ages, except for the mummies, and the entire underground system looked very ancient. It was formerly lit, they found out by accident, by an ingenious system of lights fed by subterranean gases.

THE OZ - EGYPTIAN ENIGMA--The hieroglyphs tell the tale of early Egyptian explorers, injured and stranded, in ancient Australia. The discovery centres around a most unusual set of rock carvings found in the National Park forest of the Hunter Valley, 100 km north of Sydney.

CENOZOIC ERA PROOF--A coin-like object, from a well boring near Lawn Ridge, Illinois, was found at a depth of about 114 feet below the surface. According to the information supplied by the Illinois State Geological Survey, the deposits containing the coin are between 200,000 and 400,000 years old... who left this coin hundreds of thousands of years before civilized man evolved?

MESOZOIC ERA PROOF--On October 8, 1922, the American Weekly section of the New York Sunday American ran a prominent feature titled "Mystery of the Petrified 'Shoe Sole,' by Dr. W. H. Ballou. Ballou wrote: "Some time ago, while he was prospecting for fossils in Nevada, John T. Reid, a distinguished mining engineer and geologist, stopped suddenly and looked down in utter bewilderment and amazement at a rock near his feet. For there, a part of the rock itself, was what seemed to be a human footprint! Closer inspection showed that it was not a mark of a naked foot, but was, apparently, a shoe sole which had been turned into stone.

PALEOZOIC ERA PROOF--Iron Cup from Oklahoma Coal Mine, 312 million years old. On November 27, 1948 the following statement was made by Frank J. Kenwood in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. "While I was working in the Municipal Electric Plant in Thomas, Oklahoma in 1912, I came upon a solid chunk of coal which was too large to use. I broke it with a sledge hammer. This iron pot fell from the center leaving the impression mould of the pot in the piece of coal. Jim Stall (an employee of the company) witnessed the breaking of the coal, and saw the pot fall out. I traced the source of the coal, and found that it came from the Wilburton, Oklahoma, Mines. According to Robert O. Fay of the Oklahoma Geological Survey, the Wilburton mine coal is about 312 million years old. What advanced civilization or visitor was creating or using iron pots in our past more than 300 million years ago?

THE THREE GROOVED SPHERE MYSTERY--Over the past several decades, South African miners have found hundreds of metallic spheres at least one of which has three parallel grooves running around its equator. The spheres are of two types "one of solid bluish metal with a white flecks, and another which is a hollow ball filled with a white spongy centre" Roelf Marx, curator of the museum of Klerksdorp, South Africa, where some of the spheres are housed, said:" the spheres are a complete mystery. They look man-made, yet at the time in earth’s history when they came to rest in this rock no intelligent life existed, they’re nothing like I have ever seen before"

HI-TECH AGENDA FOR THE MOUND BUILDERS?--Under the discerning gaze of intelligent architects, hordes of primitive people scraped at the fertile soil of what is now known as Ohio. Around 200 B.C., millions of tons of soil and rock were transported from river bottoms and distant fields to be formed into remarkably precise geometric arrangements. Why they were built and by whose invention has been the subject of considerable discussion for almost two centuries.

FOUND: THE LOST PYRAMIDS OF ROCK LAKE (WISCONSIN) --Article by Frank Joseph, Editor of Ancient American Magazine Pyramids were found on the muddy floor of Wisconsin's Rock Lake. Joseph states that under the surface of Rock Lake lies at least 10 structures! He has authored two books on the subject: The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake: Wisconsin's Sunken Civilization and  Atlantis In Wisconsin: New Revelations About Lost Sunken City  Frank Joseph also authored Sacred Sites of the West: A Guide to Mystical Centers

ROCK LAKE RESEARCH SOCIETY --A multi-disciplined group of professionals, dedicated to recording and preserving the underwater structures of Rock Lake.

AMERICA'S ANCIENT WRITERS--Explorers, traders, even settlers, left their words inscribed on canyon walls, on artifacts, and on trade goods found in the Americas many centuries before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

ANCIENT AMERICAN MAGAZINE --The purpose of Ancient American magazine is to describe the Prehistory of the American continent, regardless of presently fashionable belief-systems.

ENIGMATIC STONE FORTS OF THE AMERICAN MIDWEST--From diverse sources, J.D. Singer has drawn together a fascinating compendium of large stone forts and walled structures west of the Alleghenys. From Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and all across the Midwest come descriptions of stone structures of almost heroic proportions:


Researchers using sonar equipment have discovered, at a depth of about 2,200 feet, a huge land plateau with clear images of what appears to be urban development partly covered by sand. From above, the shapes resemble pyramids, roads and buildings.

WHO BUILT THE EAST BAY WALLS?--Ranging along the hills east of San Francisco Bay are long stretches of walls constructed from closely fitted basalt boulders. Some of these boulders weigh more than a ton. In some places, the walls reach five feet in height and three feet in width. They extend for miles along the hill crests from Berkeley to Milpitas and beyond.

ANCIENT MEGALITHIC TEMPLE DISCOVERED UNDERWATER  --Discovery off the island of Malta linked to Noah's Flood? An archaeological discovery with far-reaching implications was announced in Augsburg,Germany, by Dr. Hubert Zeitlmair, a German real estate investor and part-time archaeologist, at a meeting of the Paleo Astronaut Society on August 18, 1999.Dr. Zeitlmair's search was inspired by the writings of Zecharia Sitchin  in his The Earth Chronicles series about the origin and extreme antiquity of ancient civilizations, and especially his book When Time Began  in which he attributed the world's megalithic structures to Divine Architects.Based on these writings and because the known above-ground temples on Malta and its sister-island Gozo are built in pairs, Dr. Zeitlmair concluded that there ought to be one more undiscovered such structure; that it might be by now off the coast and underwater occurred to him almost three years ago. The final impetus to start a series of underwater searches was given to Dr. Zeitlmair during a visit to MaIta by  Zecharia Sitchin,  with a group of fans, this past June. The final dive that led to the discovery took place on July 13, 1999 at 10:00 AM; and subsequent dives and underwater photography confirmed the nature and megalithic size of the structures.

OFFICIAL SITE OF GRAHAM HANCOCK--Best selling author and explorer,  Graham Hancock is known as an " unconventional thinker who raises legitimate questions about humanity's history and prehistory and offers an increasingly popular challenge to the entrenched views of orthodox scholars." In Hancock's breakthrough 1992 Book The Sign and the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant Hancock travels to a remote area of Ethiopia where, in a small church, he believes to have found the legendary Ark of the Covenant. In Fingerprints of the Gods the author pieces together enigmatic clues scattered across the globe and discovers evidence of a technologically advanced human civilization that existed on earth some 10,000 years ago. The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind  (also known as Keeper of Genesis)  written with Robert Bauval,  is the story of a historical and archaeological investigation. Presenting a radical new approach to Egyptology the authors reveal information that the Sphinx, the Pyramids and other monuments at Giza are much older than has previously been believed. The story is further enhanced by evidence of a continuing conspiracy within the Eqyptology establishment and other organiztions to hide the knowledge from the world. In  Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization The first fully illustrated book by Hancock ,he and photographer Santha Faiia travel the globe tracing a network of "sacred sites" from Easter Island to Eqypt and beyond. A continuation of the quest to rediscover the forgotten legacy of mankind, the book takes the reader along on a journey that leads to sunken artifacts,secret chambers and incredible archeological finds, that further the case for civilization being much more ancient than we have been taught to believe. A three part television that was based on  Heaven's Mirror and called Quest for the Lost Civilization  Includes: Heavens Mirror, Forgotten Knowledge and Ancient Mariners.Hancock also wrote another book with Robert Bauval entiled: The Mars Mystery: The Secret Connection between Earth and the Red Planet

Is Graham Hancock bonkers? His theories on the origins of civilisation have been dismissed by archaeologists as rubbish. But as he tells Stephen Moss, a discovery off the coast of India may prove him right.

WHERE DID CHIEF JOSEPH GET A CUNIFORM TABLET?--Among the effects of Chief Joseph, the famed leader of the Nez Perce Indians, was a clay tablet bearing a cuneiform inscription.

THE MUSEUM OF UNNATURAL MYSTERY "a slightly bizarre, cyberspace, science museum for all ages. Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness? The Museum takes a scientific look at these, and other, questions. Feel free to wander the halls and make some serendipitous discoveries."

ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE WEBSITE--An alternative view of scientific discovery by controversial writer, broadcaster and journalist Richard Milton author of Alternative Science: Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishment and Shattering the Myths of Darwinism  The site includes such sections as Impossible Discoveries and Forbidden Science.

UNKNOWN HISTORY--Archaeological Anomalies of North America

A FIFTH ANCIENT CIVILIZATION? --Chinese and Japanese archaeologists claim they have discovered in China's southwestern province of Sichuan evidence of the fifth ancient civilization, as Japan's Kyodo News first reported on October 28, 1996. The evidence is an earthen stage, unearthed during a joint archaeology project and estimated to date back 4,500 years.

STARCHILD PROJECT--An analysis of a unique skull of uncertain origin. The Starchild Project is headed by Lloyd Pye author of Everything You Know Is Wrong: Book 1: Human Origins If you are a fan of  Zecariah Sitchin  you will enjoy this book! Lloyd Pye's official website can be found   here.

SCIENCE FRONTIERS ONLINE Strange reports * Bizarre biology * Anomalous archaeology From New Scientist, Nature, Scientific American, etc This online version of the Science Frontiers monthly newsletter provides a digests of reports that describe scientific anomalies in the fields of archaeology, astronomy,biology, geology, geophysics, mathematics, psychology and physics.

ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE NEWS --Archeology News Archive Page

ANCIENT INDIAN AIRCRAFT TECHNOLOGY--BY David Hatcher Childress From The Anti-Gravity Handbook The Author has written many other interesting books including:Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field  Lost Cities of North and Central America,Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America Ancient Tonga and the Lost City of Mu'a Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of Africa and Arabia Ancient Micronesia Lost Cities of China, Central Asia and India: A Traveler's Guide Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe and the Mediterranean Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria: A Rogue Archaeologist's Travels in the Pacific Other books by the author include:  Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis The History of the Knights Templars   (with Charles G. Addison)  Inside the Gemstone File: The Howard Hughes/JFK Connection   (with Kenn Thomas)  Lost Continents and the Hollow Earth: I Remember Lemuria and the Shaver Mystery  (with Richard S. Shaver)  The Free-Energy Device Handbook: A Compilation of Patents and Reports  (Compiler)  The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla  The Time Travel Handbook: A Manual of Practical Teleportation and Time TravelMan-Made UFOs, 1944-1994: Fifty Years of Suppression,  Extraterrestrial Archaeology,  NASA, Nazis and JFK: The Torbitt Document and the Kennedy Assassination  By Kenn Thomas and William Torbitt, Intro by David Hatcher Childress   Flying Saucers over Los Angeles: The UFO Graze of the '50s   (with Dewayne B. Johnson and Kenn Thomas)  A Hitchhiker's Guide to Armageddon   Childress' brand new book is entitled:  Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients  The official web site of David Hatcher Childress can be found here

ARCHAEOLOGICAL COVERUPS--By David Hatcher Childress. To those who investigate allegations of archaeological cover-ups, there are disturbing indications that the most important archaeological institute in the United States, the Smithsonian Institute, an independent federal agency, has been actively suppressing some of the most interesting and important archaeological discoveries made in the Americas. For instance, when Spiro Mound in Oklahoma was excavated in the 1930's, a tall man in full armour was discovered along with a pot of thousands of pearls and other artefacts, the largest such treasure so far documented. The whereabouts of the man in armour is unknown and it is quite likely that it eventually was taken to the Smithsonian Institution.

THE LOS LUNAS DECALOGUE STONE--The Los Lunas Inscription is an abridged version of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments, carved into the flat face of a large boulder resting on the side of Hidden Mountain, near Los Lunas, New Mexico, about 35 miles south of Albuquerque. The language is Hebrew, and the script is the Old Hebrew alphabet, with a few Greek letters mixed in.

A PHOENICIAN FORTRESS AND FURNACE IN OKLAHOMA?--Deterioration of the wall face has revealed something unexpected. The wall is not made of stones after all. Instead it is constructed of manufactured "cells" that show multiple layers of unknown minerals. The cells resemble a honeycomb. What type of substance is contained in these cells?

ANCIENT OGAM IN OKLAHOMA?--Ogam is the oldest form of writing in Ireland and Scotland. It can still be seen inscribed on hundreds of large and small stones, on the walls of some caves, but also on bone, ivory, bronze and silver objects. The Ogam script was especially well adapted for use on sticks.

ODD THINGS IN WRONG PLACES - TIME UPSIDE DOWN--As man digs and scrapes and drills into the mysterious earth, many surprising finds are made. It follows that mining and farming have been fruitful sources of curious finds in the past. We can feel strong regrets that as both occupations have become more and more mechanized, fewer and fewer finds of value for scientific study will occur. The following interesting items make two important points. If conventional dating is followed, ancient man seems to be far more ancient than he should be.

TOP 10 OUT-OF-PLACE ARTIFACTS (O.O.P.s)--A Feature In Issue Number 5 Atlantis Rising Magazine.

THOSE ENIGMATIC ERRATICS -Out-of-Place Artifacts or Out-of-Whack Chronology. From Strange Magazine


ATLANTIS, PYRAMIDS AND THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE  "To provide a historical perspective on these three phenomena, this special report provides capsule summaries of the legends, facts and frauds surrounding the each of the three cases, focusing on common misconceptions, as well as the ways in which this trinity of the unexplained is forever linked together" Article By D. Trull, Enigma Editor,

DEAD SEA SEARCH FOR SODOM --Biblical scholar Michael Sanders has found what appears to be the remains of the city under the surface of the Dead Sea by studying satellite pictures taken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa). His findings have been backed by the Tel Aviv University Dead Sea research unit, said the British daily.


ACUPUNCTURE 5,200 YEARS AGO?--The Tyrolean Iceman died in the Alps about 5,200 years ago, but his mummified body is exceptionally well-preserved -- so well-preserved that 15 groups of tattoo marks on his body stand out vividly. These punctures do not seem to be ornamental, like those on a sailor's biceps, nor are they on parts of the body usually displayed. What is most interesting are their locations; some groups are placed at traditional Chinese acupuncture points.

TOP 10 ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY--By David Hatcher Childress. Like a real life Indiana Jones, maverick archeologist David Hatcher Childress has taken many incredible journeys to some of the oldest and most remote spots on earth. Writing prolifically of lost cities and ancient civilizations, he has produced no less than six lengthy books (the Lost Cities series) chronicling the dimly remembered glories of obscure locales from the Gobi desert to Puma Punku in Bolivia, from Mohenjo Daro to Ba'albek.

THE PHAISTOS DISC AND MEGALITHIC ACHIEVEMENTS--"The most important historical realization of the century." From The Site: "For ten years I have been unlocking the secrets of Bronze Age accomplishments in Western Europe. It has been a fascinating adventure. If you want to know more about the amazing things I've discovered, read on. My discoveries have been verified by some of the most brilliant minds in astrophysics and mathematics and their implications will cause a rewriting of our knowledge of the way civilisation came about in both Europe and the Middle East.

BACK TO BIMINI--An ambitious new research project, a multi-pronged investigation into the many archeological mysteries of Bimini, is currently in the planning stages. Funded by Law of One Research Corporation, a Massachusetts-based foundation dedicated to following up on the work of Edgar Cayce, the project is a continuation of Project: Alta,begun in 1993 by The Atlantis Organization. The new investigations will focus on high-priority sites as well as seeking out new ones. The emphasis in 1993 was to seek out new sites by means of aerial reconnaissance and side-scan sonar, as well as to investigate the zoomorphic (animal-shaped) effigy mound designated as the Cobra Mound, which was discovered on an earlier trip.

Around 535BC, Eupalinus designed a water tunnel. To this day, nobody hasbeen able to work out how it was made


THOSE ANCIENT GREEK PYRAMIDS--That's right. Greek pyramids! On Greek soil, at Hellenikon and Ligourio west of Athens in the Argolid region, are two limestone pyramids that are stylistically very much like those at Giza near Cairo. The big difference is size; the Greek pyramids are only the size of a large room compared to the Great Pyramid's height (with capstone) of almost 500 feet.

THE CEMENT LIKE COLUMNS OF NEW CALEDONIA--Some who have investigated these mounds believe that the presence of cement, presumably man-made, is proof-positive that the tumuli are the product of human activity. Other archeologists doubt this because the early settlers of New Caledonia did not use cement. Besides, there seem to be no other signs of human involvement. This has led to the hypothesis that the mounds were built by huge, now-extinct, flightless birds for the purpose of incubating their eggs.

A RECONSTRUCTION OF THE ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM DATED TO 80 BC--In the year 1900 the bronze remains of a mechanical device were retrieved from a shipwreck off Antikythera, near Crete. It was not clear initially what the device was, except that it was clearly a sophisticated mechanism. X-ray analysis was subsequently used to probe the inner structure of the device, the details of the gears. Finally in 1974, a full analysis was published by Professor D. De Solla Price. While some of the original gearing was missing, there was enough to work out that the device was intended to show the motion of the Moon, Sun, and most likely the Planets through the years, when the handle was turned. Related article  AN ANCIENT GREEK COMPUTER

METALLURGY IN ANCIENT TIMES--Prior to the 19th century only 24 metals were discovered and, of these 24 metals, 12 were discovered in the 18th century. Gold, copper, silver, lead, tin, iron and mercury were known as 'Metals of Antiquity' which civilizations were based upon. Not until the 1700's did Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Tungsten, Beryllium, Uranium and Yttrium come into use.

NEANDERTHAL = NEPHILIM? CARBON 14 DATING?--A speculative research paper examining current evidence available on Neanderthal man with comparison to references in early manuscripts of the Nephilim an ancient race of half-caste humans. The argument is presented that the scientific facts verify that the Neanderthal were in fact one and the same as the ancient warrior race the Nephilim. It is proposed that an examination of the evidence and facts currently available on Neanderthal man will reveal that they could well have been this race of half-caste humans referred to in some of the earliest manuscripts found as the Nephilim.

GIANT HUMANS AND DINOSAURS--This petrified finger found in cretaceous limestone, belonged to a "prehistoric" human. Broken short of the middle joint, it measures 7.6 cm (3 inches). At full length it would measure about 15 cm (6 inches). In the photo, it is compared to a regular full-length finger. Excavations of this limestone has also revealed a child's tooth and human hair.

THE GIANT'S CAUSEWAY--Like the early people of North Antrim, Thackeray was very impressed by the strangeness of this place. Like other sophisticated visitors he had read that the Causeway is a geological freak, caused by volcanic eruptions, and cooling lava.The ancients knew differently: clearly this was giants' work and, more particularly, the work of the giant Finn McCool, the Ulster warrior and commander of the king of Ireland's armies.

GIANT SKELETONS--In his book, The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee, author John Haywood describes "very large" bones in stone graves found in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1821. In White County, Tennessee, an "ancient fortification" contained skeletons of gigantic stature averaging at least 7 feet in length.

THE GIANTS OF YOSEMITE VALLEY--What they found was another vault that had been carved from natural rock - 9 feet 3 inches high, 18 feet 6 inches deep and 8 feet 4 inches wide - containing a tall mummified corpse that was 6 feet 8 inches tall. The corpse was wrapped in what appeared to be animal skins and covered with a layer of fine gray power. The miners removed parts of the animal skins to view the corpse and found it to be that of a woman holding a child to her breast.

GIANT SKELETON IN PENNSYLVANIA MOUND--A large Indian mound near the town of Gasterville, Pa., has recently been opened and examined by a committee of scientists sent out from the Smithsonian Institute. At some depth from the surface a kind of vault was found in which was discovered the skeleton of a giant measuring seven feet two inches.

GIANT AMERINDIANS--Most Fortean stories about giant skeletons unearthed in North America lack any real details. Most are being passed along second-hand (or third-, or fourth-,...). There is, however, one intriguing tale from a Kentucky folklore book written by Michael Paul Henson (1984). Henson relates how he actually examined a body dug out from under a large rock ledge along Holly Creek in east-central Kentucky. In 1965, a landowner, Kenneth White, was building cattle stalls under the ledge when he found a "perfectly preserved skeleton" which measured 8 feet, 9 inches in length when reassembled.

THE FACE OF A SLEEPING GIANT--Between São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, a legendary mountain with the face of an ancient giant rises 842 meters above the sea level. High atop a coastal mountain, this huge and largely unknown carving of an ancient face reminds explorers of the Sphinx in Egypt. Mysterious inscriptions give clues in an extinct language. Could this be a link to our forgotten past?...

ANCIENT STAR PICTURES--Lascaux, France, 17,000 years ago: in star pictures of the Pleiades and the ecliptic Astronomer Frank Edge has not only found elaborate star pictures in a whole new medium, cave paintings, he's put them in a whole new time frame: the Stone Age.

FIND IN BRAZIL PUTS MAN IN AMERICA AT LEAST 300,000 YEARS AGO--"Central, Brazil -- Archaeologists excavating a cave in Brazil's remote northeastern backlands say that they have found evidence that man has lived in the New World for at least 300,000 years.

BOXGROVE-THE MAN WHO DIED HALF A MILLION YEARS AGO--In a gravel pit at Boxgrove, just outside Chichester, the remains of a man have been discovered, half a million years old. Only a shin bone and two teeth were discovered, but his position, under thick layers of gravel show that he is the oldest 'man' so far discovered in Britain.

ANCIENT EGYPTIANS IN THE NEW WORLD?--In August 1914, Professor M.A. Gonzales was excavating Mayan ruins in the city of Acajutla, in Mexico. The two illustrated statuettes were uncovered. On the male, the headdress, the beard, and the cartouche are all typically Egyptian in style. The male is thought to represent Osiris, the female Isis.

ANCIENT ACOUSTICAL ENGINEERING--In SF#86/43*, we reviewed R. Waller's acoustical measurements at ancient rock-art sites in Europe, North America, and Australia. Waller claimed that some rock art was intentionally placed where echos from the walls are not only exceptionally loud but are also qualitatively related to the art's subject matter, such as running hoofed animals.

CHRIST IN NORTH AMERICA?--"Traditions of a mysterious, bearded visitor from overseas have been current across our continent since pre-Columbian times. The universal image of this man, depicted as an influential religious leader, has fascinated me for twenty years, during which time I conducted my investigations among every Native American willing to discuss his or her tribal history with me. Through them I learned that the mythic memory of this light-skinned (often referred to as white-skinned), robed man occurs in ancient myth among numerous Indian peoples."

OKLAHOMA'S ORNATE FLINTS: "ECCENTRIC" OR FRAUDULENT?--Many of the flints, whether from Mayan sites or Oklahoma, are incredibly complex. Some are up to 20 inches in length. Countless hours must have been invested in delicately chipping away at flint blanks. Apparently, ornate flints were an art form of great importance to the Maya.


FLYING AIRCRAFT AND NUCLEAR WAR AND OTHER STRANGE OCCURRENCES OF THE PAST--The Indian Epics, especially the MAHABHARATA, pick up the thread of the tale of devastation and destruction. Atlantis, rather displeased at its humiliating defeat, deceived that they were no longer interested in subjugating the Rama Empire (An Indian Empire), and decided instead to annihilate the major cities using weapons of mass destruction. Sanskrit scholars could not comprehend what was being described in the Epics until the dropping of the first atomic bombs on Japan. There are AUTHENTIC VERSES from the Indian Epics.

THE EVIDENCE FOR ANCIENT ATOMIC WARFARE--Religious texts and geological evidence suggest that several parts of the world have experienced destructive atomic blasts in ages past. - By David Hatcher Childress


EARTH'S OLDEST PAVED ROAD--Forty-three miles southwest of Cairo lies a basalt quarry favored by ancient Egyptian artisans. Old Kingdom craftsmen laboriously cut this hard, black, glassy rock into royal sarcophagi and pavements for the mortuary temples at Giza just outside Cairo.

A REMARKABLE MAYAN SUSPENSION BRIDGE--We tend to think Mayan engineering only in terms of those impressive pyramids at Tikal, Copan, and many other sites, but they were accomplished builders of roads and bridges, too.

THE ORION ZONE-- How does the constellation Orion correspond to the configuration of both Anasazi ruins and Hopi villages in the American Southwest?

THE QUIPU: DISK DRIVE OF THE ANCIENT INCA--The Incas recorded the quantities of their daily lives upon the Quipu (pronounced kee-poo). The Quipu is a mnemonic knot record that uses a heirarchical system of knotted strings made of wool or cotton to express mostly numeric data, but other information as well.


'OLDEST STAR CHART' FOUND--The oldest image of a star pattern, that of the famous constellation of Orion, has been recognised on an ivory tablet some 32,500 years old.






Ancient Drawings Found in Northern Italy



MEXICO: FORGOTTEN RUINS AND ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS--The Codex Florentino, a chronicle of Aztec events compiled by Franciscan priest Bernardino de Sahagun based on the testimony of native chroniclers, indicates that paranormal activity in Mexico was in high gear since 1502 -- the year of Moctezuma's accession to the Aztec throne. Ten years prior to the conquest, a great pillar of flame was seen in the horizon all day and night, causing much consternation among the indians. This pillar, we are told, "seemed to be anchored in the sky", and assumed a roughly triangular shape. This omen lasted for an entire year. This is reminiscent of the Biblical pillar of flame that accompanied the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt.

THE STORY OF VIMANAS-- In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called vimanas. These fall into two cate-gories: (l) manmade craft that resemble airplanes and fly with the aid of birdlike wings,and (2) unstreamlined structures that fly in a mysterious manner and are generally not made by human beings. The machines in category (l) are described mainly in medieval, secular Sanskrit works dealing with architecture,automata, military siege engines, and other mechanical contrivances. Those in category (2) are described in ancient works such as the Rg Veda, the Maha-bha-rata, the Rama-yana, and the Pura-nas, and they have manyfeatures reminiscent of UFOs. In addition, there is one book entitled Vaima-nika-sa-stra that was dictated in trance during this century and purports to be a transcription of an ancient work preserved in the akashic record.

SECRETS OF THE VIMANA--The Ancient Legends

VIMANA II--"The so-called ‘Rama Empire’ of Northern India and Pakistan developed at least fifteen thousand years ago on the Indian sub-continent and was a nation of many large,sophisticated cities, many of which are still to be found in the deserts of Pakistan, northern, and western India. Rama...was ruled by ‘enlightened Priest-Kings’ who governed the cities. The seven greatest capital cities of Rama were known in classical Hindu texts as ‘The Seven Rishi Cities’. According to ancient Indian texts, the people had flying machines which were called ‘vimanas’. The ancient Indian epic describes a vimana as a double- deck, circular aircraft with portholes and a dome, much as we would imagine a flying saucer. It flew with the "speed of the wind" and gave forth a ‘melodious sound’. There were at least four different types of vimanas; some saucer shaped, others like long cylinders (‘cigar shaped airships’)."

TECHNOLOGY OF THE ANCIENTS --FEELING SPACED OUT--Ancient images and texts tell a very different story, one that says ‘whatever we do or think of next, someone has beaten us to it!’

AZTEC SONGS AND POETRY FOR ALIEN VISITORS--Once again through investigation of little known records, there are glimpses of the past, these point at Ancient Astronauts landing on planet Earth. All poetry quotations are taken from Canti Aztechi (Aztec Songs) edited by Ugo Liberatore and Jorge Hernandez-Campos (Guanda, Perma, 1966).


PALEOCONTACT--ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS VS ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS--The evidence for a truly ancient civilization, predating even the Sumerians, has been reduced to the merest vestiges of proof but for centuries out-of-place artifacts or, as archaeologists would say, oopart's, have been recovered in increasing numbers.


THE YELLOW EMPEROR--Ancient scribes took care to leave us an incredible tale of a very strange being, the one they called the "Yellow Emperor." And it was in Huang-ti's age that the most ancient Chinese writing was"invented."

HISTORICAL ARTWORK AND UFOs - A.D.-Website by Matthew Hurley. The artwork below ranges in age from the 12th century up to the late 1700s and consists of frescos, tapestries, illustrations and oil paintings. Although some of the artwork represents actual sightings, others feature UFOs in a religious context

HISTORICAL ARTWORK AND UFOs - AN OLDER EPOCH-Website by Matthew Hurley. Images on this page are at least 3000 years old.

THE UFO-JESUS CONNECTION--'The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO hypotheses are not new. However, no one seems to want to take the matter to the next logical step. If Ezekiel’s “wheel within a wheel” and Moses’ “pillar of fire and cloud” were forerunners of today’s UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein. '

GODS FROM THE STARS--The myths and legends of ancient Earth all tell of a time when celestials descended from the stars bringing a wondrous Golden Age throughout the world. The Giants rebelled against their Space-Lords, war was waged with titanic bombs, cataclysms split continents below the sea and Man sank back to barbarism. Solitary survivors remembered their Sky Teachers and prayed to the heavens. Wondrous beings came down to be worshipped as gods. If their existence could be proven, then who were or are these creatures and from where in time or space might they hail from?

COULD THE ANCIENTS FLY?--Article By DAVID HATCHER CHILDRESS Excerpted from his Book Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis  From Atlantis Rising Magazine Issue Number 10

TOTAL U.F.O. MYTHS, LEGENDS AND STORIES--Every civilization in recorded history has a myth,legend or story.About how beings came down from the heavens and and gave them the knowledge of the gods.Or cross bread with our women and begat giants.Or they tell of mysterious flying chariots.On this page we have provided several of these myths,legends or stories.


AAS RA ARCHAEOLOGY,ASTRONAUTICS AND SETI RESEARCH ASSOCIATION --Ever since Erich von Däniken's bestseller Chariots of the Gods  a popular idea started to revolve around the world: extraterrestrials visited Earth thousands and thousands of years ago: They left traces behind in form of mysterious, enigmatic monuments, curious artifacts, and especially stunning descriptions of flying machines in ancient scriptures.The AAS RA is determined to prove, using scientific methods, but in "lay-man's terms", whether or not extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the remote past.

THE OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE OF ERICH VON DANIKEN --Author Von Danikens book Chariots of the Gods published in 1968 was the first book to introduce the shocking theory that ancient Earth had been visited by aliens. Based upon lifelong studies of ancient ruins, lost cities, potential spaceports, with a myriad of hard scientific facts that point to extraterrestrial intervention in human history. The book has sold 7 million copies worldwide.There is a film based on the book which is also called  Chariots of the Gods.  Staying with the theme of ancient astronauts, Von Daniken has authored many books. Those which are currently in print include: (1997)  The Return of the Gods(1998) Arrival of the Gods: Revealing the Alien Landing Sites of Nazca (1989) and The Eyes of the Sphinx: The Newest Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact in Ancient Egypt (1998) Alien Art: Extraterrestrial Expressions on Earth (with Sarah Moran)


ERICH VON DANIKEN'S THEORY ON ALIENS--Are We Really Descendants from Aliens?


MYSTERIES OF THE WORLD--The Fantastic Side Of Science. Erich Von Daniken Theme Park. "The great mysteries of the world exist on all five continents, but only a few people have the time and the money to travel to them. Only a handful of people have the possibility to travel to distant countries, explore humid jungles, or to visit hot deserts. Mysteries of World will stimulate, excite, carry away. They will awaken the curiosity and give flights of fantasy. The unsolved mysteries do not make the world more mystical than it already is, but bring forth questions which until now remained deliberately unanswered."

UFOs - THE BIBLICAL CONNECTION--According to the writings of the Old testament, in the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. But who exactly was God? Why did he create the Earth? How did he create the Earth? And what price has mankind had to pay for its creation?

STAR-STRUCK STUPAS IN ANCIENT ANURADHAPURA--Atrail-blazing discovery made in 1996 by Mihindukulasuriya Susantha Fernando, author, researcher and historian, has now been proved right by two British scholars. Fernando's discovery, as described in his 1997 book, Alien Mysteries in Sri Lanka and Egypt, reveals the most baffling mystery in the history of Sri Lanka: there exists a perfect alignment of the three main stupas (Mirisavati, Ruvanweli and Jetavana) at Anuradhapura, with three stars in the constellation of Orion, namely Rigel, Al Nitak and Bellatrix. That means, that the three sides of the triangle in the ground layout of the three stupas, built between 161 B.C. and A.D. 331, are correlated precisely with the three sides of the triangle of three stars on the right-hand wing of the constellation of Orion. It is a kind of heaven-ground duplicity.


BOROBODUR TEMPLE--The Borobodur Temple complex is one of the greatest monuments in the world. It is of uncertain age, but thought to have been built between the end of the seventh and beginning of the eighth century A.D. For about a century and a half it was the spiritual centre of Buddhism in Java, then it was lost until its rediscovery in the eighteenth century.


UNVOICED TESTIMONY: VISITORS IN THE DAWN TIMES?--By Scott Corrales. "Dr. Padilla recalls a very curious stele that was on display in Guatemala's Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology until its removal in 1990, when it was transferred to Japan for scientific study, according to his own research. The stele portrayed the figure of a being with enormous ears, three-fingered hands, elongated legs, no feet, and two strange filaments on its head which, in Padilla's opinion, constitute "antennae"."


THE DOGON TRIBE --The Dogon people live in the Homburi Mountains near Timbuktu. At the center of their religious teachings is knowledge about a star that is invisible to the eye and so difficult to obsevrve -- even through a telescope -- that no photographs were taken of it until 1970. The Dogon say they received their knowledge by visitors to the earth from another star system.

AUTHOR SAYS EVIDENCE SUPPORTS VISITATION FROM SIRIUS--Interview with Robert Temple Author The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence for Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago In 1976, Robert Temple published the first edition of his controversial book, Then, as now, "ancient astronaut" theories were considered fringe even by many in the fringe discipline of Ufology. But Temple's massive scholarship, the sheer weight of detail in his argument, won him a large and respectful audience. His message was certainly bold, if not crazed. He said that a West African tribe called the Dogon had in their oral traditions clear proof of ancient visits to Earth by amphibious, highly evolved beings from the star system we call Sirius. Among the evidence, he said, was the fact that the Dogon had known for hundreds of years that Sirius is a multiple star system. They knew the orbital period of Sirius B, and described it in terms that could be interpreted as characteristics of a white dwarf star, though they knew nothing of modern astronomy. Inasmuch as Western astronomers had only discovered the white dwarf Sirius B in 1862, how could it be, Temple asked, that the Dogon had known of it centuries earlier? Did it not make sense, he asked, to accept their own explanation: that they were told by visitors from that very star, who had come thousands of years before?

THE DOGON THEORY OF CREATION--The Dogon people are an indigeous tribe who occupy a region in Mali, south of the Sahara Desert in Africa. They live in the Homburi Mountains near Timbuktu. They are believed to be of Egyptian descent.After living in Libya for a time, they settled in Mali, West Africa, bringing with them astronomy legends dating from before 3200 BCE. In the late 1940s, four of their priests told two French anthropologists of a secret Dogon myths about the star Sirius (8.6 light years from the earth). The priests said that Sirius had a companion star that was invisible to the human eye. They also stated that the star moved in a 50-year elliptical orbit around Sirius, that it was small and incredibly heavy, and that it rotated on its axis. Sirius - which we now call Sirius A - was not seen through a telescope until 1862 and was not photographed until 1970.

DOGON: AN AFRICAN TRIBE THAT KNEW THE STARS--In the 1950's two french anthropologists, Germain Dieterlen and Marcel Griaule, spent some years among the dogons. They published an article on the experience in "Journal de la société des Africanistes" called "Un System Soudanais de Sirius". In the 60's  Robert K.G. Temple got to know the article, which he used as a base for his book, The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence for Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago What was it all about? Well, the fact is that the dogon showed an impossible knowledge about the stars and the planet.

        THE DROPAS

High in the mountains of BayanKara-Ula, on the borders of China and Tibet - a team of archaeologists were conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of interlinked caves.
Their interests had been excited by the discovery of lines of neatly arranged graves which contained the skeletons of what must have been a strange race of human beings; strange because they had unnaturally spindly bodies and large, overdeveloped heads.

At first, it had been thought that the caves had been the home of a hitherto unknown species of ape. But as the leader of the team - the Chinese archeologist, Professor Chi Pu Tei - pointed out, "Who ever heard of apes burying each other?"
It was while studying the skeletons that one of the team stumbled on a large, round stone disk, half buried in the dust on the floor of the cave.

The team gathered round the discovery, turning it this way and that.It looked, absurdly, like a kind of 'Stone Age Gramophone record'. There was a hole in the centre and a fine, spiral groove radiated to the rim.

Closer inspection, however, showed that the groove was, in fact, a continuous spiralling line of closely written characters.

The object was a 'record' ... in more ways then one. Only nobody at the time - the year was 1938 - possessed the key to its incredible message. The disc was labeled and filed away among other finds in the area. Even those who knew of its existence knew nothing of its meaning.

"One of the strangest stories dealing with ancient visitors began in 1938 when archaeologist Chi Pu Tei discovered regularly aligned rows of graves in the Baian Kara Ula mountains near the Sino-Tibetan border. Beneath cave drawings of beings wearing helmets along with depictions of the stars, sun and moon, small frail skeletons with unusually large skulls were found. Chi Pu Tei theorised that the skeletons belonged to an extinct species of mountain ape and that the drawings were left in the caves by human tribes. Since the graves were in systematic rows, his theory was laughed at and forgotten until 1962, when stone plates found among the graves were translated by Professor Tsum Um Nui of the Academy of Prehistoric Research in Beijing."

The translation told an eerie story of a group of beings that crash-landed on the third planet of this star system about twelve thousand years ago. Unable to repair their craft, this group attempted to make friends with the mountain tribes but were hunted down and killed due to their non-human features. Since this account was not compatible with the Western world-view, it too was dismissed.

DROPAS STONE DISKS--They told the story of a "space probe" by the inhabitants of another planet who came to the Baya-Kara-Ula mountain range. They had crash landed. Their peaceful intentions had been misinterpreted. Many of them had been hunted down and killed by members of the Han tribe, who lived in the neighboring caves.

In the borderland between Tibet and China there is the cave region of the Baian-Kara-Ula Mountains. 25 years ago, remarkable finds of tablets with writing and hieroglyphics were made there. Several thousand years ago a people whose looks Chinese archaeologists are only vaguely familiar with, had been cutting phonograph record like stone disks out of the hardest granite with a set of completely unknown tools. The 716 stone disks found so far also have a hole in their center just as phonograph records do. From there, spiraling out towards the rim, are double-grooves. These grooves of course are not like sound tracks but rather the most peculiar writing-system that has ever been found in China and possibly even the world. It took archaeologists and scientists over two decades to decipher it...



ATLANTIS DISCOVERED?--The ruins of temples dated at 12,000 years old have been found near Bimini, Bahamas. Preliminary analysis has revealed that the original structures, although smaller in size than the Great Pyramid of Giza,appear to have been more advanced.

ATLANTIS DISCOVER GETS SUNK! --Aaron Du Val, president of the Miami-based Egyptology Society, recently announced that a team of underwater explorers has found the ruins of 12,000-year-old temples off the coast of Bimini.

ATLANTIS UNCOVERED -Two Part BBC Horizon Special that " explores the mystery of whether Atlantis really did exist. Was there really, 12,000 years ago, a fabulous city whose people had already evolved all the trappings of civilisation - sophisticated culture and society, writing, astronomy, religion, monument-building - while everyone else was still living in the Stone Age?" Complete transcripts of the program can be found at the site


ATLANTIS FOUND AGAIN --When Soviet oceanographers examined their underwater photos taken of the Ampere Seamount, they discovered what seemed to be walls, stairways, and other artificial stonework. The Ampere Seamount is 450 miles west of Gibraltar, just the area where Plato placed Atlantis!




THE WHITE PYRAMID The So-Called White Pyramid, located in the Qin Ling Shan mountains, about100 km southwest of the city of Xi'an, in the People's Republic of China.


ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS 1947 CHINESE PYRAMID ARTICLE--Few Tourists Will Gaze On Pyramid Nest in China


CHINA'S SECRET PYRAMIDS --Article by Laura Lee





THE ANCIENT CRYSTAL SKULLS  Official website of Joshua Shapiro, co-author Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed  written with Sandra Bowen and F. R. Nocer.


THE SOCIETY OF CRYSTAL SKULLS INTERNATIONAL --Founded in New York in 1945 by Mr. F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino, the Society of Crystal Skulls, International is an organization devoted to research and education in the specific area of crystal skulls.The Society records, tracks and categorizes all crystal skulls as they are presented publicly and privately





Photo © Danuta Dobrzycka & Adam Dobrzycki




MYSTERIOUS PLACES:EASTER ISLAND--visual overview of the island and brief introduction to its fascinating history.

THE EASTER ISLAND PROJECT--The objective of this project was to develop and demonstrate a transport model for moving an average size statue (Moai) on Easter Island (Rapa Nui), that is rooted in the local culture and and is based on materials and techonlogy available to the Rapanui people



RAPA NUI (Easter Island)--A paper on the people, government, economy, history, and more of Easter Island. This site includes many useful resources for visitors.


KON TIKI WEB SERVER--Explore scholarly papers from Norway's Kon-Tiki Museum and enjoy a welcome from author Thor Heyerdahl  himself. Heyerdahl is the author of  Kon-Tiki

RESEARCHERS SEEKING EASTER ISLAND LINK--The discovery of this set of statues in a hidden valley on Easter Island has researchers puzzled





EASTER ISLAND PAGE--Based on Author Thor Heyerdahl's  Book Easter Island: The Mystery Solved  (currently not in print)

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