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Lady Diana as Holy Virgin, 1999, Luigi Baggi

Princess Diana and her soon-to-be husband, Dodi Fayed, were fatally injured in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. The site is ancient, dating back to the time of the Merovingian kings (ca. 500 - 751 A.D.), and before. In pre-Christian times, the Pont de l'Alma was a pagan sacrificial site. Note that in the pagan connotation, at least, sacrifice is not to be confused with murder: the sacrificial victim had to be a willing participant.

In the time of the Merovingian kings, the Pont de l'Alma was an underground chamber. Founder of the Merovingian dynasty was Merovaeus, said to be descended from the union of a sea creature and a French queen. Merovaeus followed the pagan cult of Diana. In Middle English, "soul" (Alma) has as etymology "descended from the sea." "Pont," has as a Latin root "pontifex," meaning a Roman high priest. (See also pons, pontis -- bridge; passage.)"Alma" comes from the Latin "almus," meaning nourishing. One translation of Pont de l'Alma would be "bridge of the soul." Another would be "passage of nourishment." All true European royalty is descended from the Merovingians, which are believed to be descendants of Jesus Christ.

During the Merovingian era, if two kings had a dispute over property, it was settled in combat at Pont de l'Alma. According to legend, anyone killed there goes straight to Heaven and sits at the right hand of God, watching over all his foe was to do. The person killed in combat was actually considered to be the "winner," since he became God's eyes on earth and even could manipulate events.


DIANA QUEEN OF HEAVEN--Website of Rayelan Allan author of the book Diana, Queen of Heaven. This interesting and "prophetic" book is a must read to those not only interested in Diana, but in conspiracy, the new world order, the holy grail bloodline and how it all connects in this incredible detective story.From the site, here is an excerpt from the overview of the book:

Shortly after Princess Diana was murdered, an anonymous source called Rayelan Allan and told her that the place where Diana had been murdered was an ancient Temple of the Goddess Diana. Rayelan has been a researcher of esoteric history since the early 1970's. She was also married to Gunther Russbacher, a deep cover CIA/ONI operative who is a member of the Austro-Hungarian royal family. Because of her connections to government insiders and European royalty, as well as her background and research, she was able to quickly verify some of the things she was told.

Her anonymous source told her that Pont de L'Alma was a sacred portal which led directly to the Throne of Heaven. Going to her Latin and French dictionaries, she discovered that "Pont" means "bridge" and "Alma" means "soul". Her source had told her the site was a bridge across the "river of souls".

Pont de L'Alma, the site of the accident which killed Princess Diana, means "Bridge of the Soul."

"Alma" can also be spelled "almah". The word "almah" was a middle eastern word meaning "temple dancer". The word "Almah" also was the title given to the priestesses of the Temple of Diana. The Goddess Diana preceded Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed. It was the major religion of the Middle Eastern countries as well as Europe.

The source told Rayelan that the priestesses at Pont de L'Alma were able to leave their bodies, cross the bridge of souls and enter heaven. Her source told her that this site was used in the ancient days, in the same way as a modern day hospice is used. The Almahs of the Temple of Diana would leave their own bodies to accompany the soul of the dying person, across the Bridge of Souls into Heaven.

Another source told a colleague of Rayelan's that the site had been the place where the Merovingian Kings of Europe came to fight to the death to settle disputes. They came to Pont de L'Alma, because they knew that the one who was killed there, went directly to the Throne of Heaven, and would oversee and direct what the victor would do on earth. In other words, the one who was killed, became the winner.

Princess Diana was descended from Merovingian Kings. Legend has it that the Merovingian dynasty was descended from the House of David. Merovingians believe they are descended from the union between Jesus and Mary Magdalen. Jesus was descended from the House of David. (SEE HOLY GRAIL)

Shortly after Diana was killed, Rayelan Allan wrote an article called Diana, Queen of Heaven. The article was picked up by numerous newspapers across the United States and Europe.Several authors who have written books about the death of Princess Diana used Rayelan's article as reference. However, no one fully understood the deeper meaning of the article. Therefore,Rayelan decided to expand it into a book.

Her book  Diana, Queen of Heaven  tells about a secret cabal of powerful men who had sought to control Diana.

SEVERAL of the things "predicted" in the book have already come true: From page 77: Rayelan Allan predicted that "very soon, visions of Diana will begin to appear all over the world",  (SEE VISIONS OF DIANA)   and On page 15 of Diana, Queen of Heaven, Rayelan states: "The Teachings of Diana, started appearing shortly after the death of the Princess....they tell of the sick and dying. Some were instantly healed by the Goddess... so say The Teachings of the Goddess Diana" The Bible of the Diana Cult."  (THE CHURCH OF DIANA HAS ALREADY BEEN FORMED AND THE "BIBLE" OF DIANA WRITTEN)

FOR MORE ON THE HOLY GRAIL BLOOLINE VISIT OUR HOLY GRAIL SECTION.  A brief summary of the work of  Sir Laurence Gardner,  author of  BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL Can be found HERE 

ELECTRONIC VISIONS OF DIANA--Conspiracy Nation News Service Article revealing information about how the revered image of Princess Diana may be used to promote a "New World Religion." This would be accomplished through the holographic technology known as PROJECT BLUEBEAM


DIANA APPARITIONS JOIN MARKET CRASH?-- An article in the May 4, 1999 "National Examiner" reports on sightings of a "mysterious English nurse" bearing an eerie resemblance to the late Princess Diana. The nurse, ghost, vision, or whatever it is, has been helping Kosovo refugees reunite with family members amidst the Yugoslav chaos. Perhaps the nurse is only a look-alike? Not so, say the Brits: they have no Diana look-alikes amongst their small staff of nurses in the region.

"Ru Mills" (Rayelan Allan), shortly after the August, 1997 assassination of Lady Diana, predicted that "miraculous appearances" of Diana would not be long in coming. But, added Mills, these sightings would be caused by advanced holographic technology and not by any supernatural cause. The image of Diana would be manipulated, warned Mills, by forces seeking to establish a new one-world religion. Who controls the new religion controls the world.

According to Mills, "Somewhere in my writings, I quoted Oswald LeWinter who said that the visions of Diana would begin to appear in April of 1999." In her book, Diana, Queen of Heaven,  Mills specifically states that "CIA asset Oswald LeWinter told private investigator and researcher Mike Coyle, that 'very soon, visions of Diana will begin to appear all over the world.'" [1]. The mysterious nurse of Yugoslavia, twin of Lady Diana, may be the start of an avalanche of Diana apparitions.

CNNS special correspondent Mills has contacted this news service recently with further information, based on her knowledge and on what her inside sources are now revealing to her. They warn that, concurrent with Diana apparitions, the U.S. stock market is dangling precipitously over an immense chasm.


PARANOIA  Article by Rayelan Allan

If the original plan had been followed, only Dodi would have died. Princess Diana would have lived. But the accident and its aftermath would have filled her with such horror, she never again would make any trouble for the Palace and her "handlers".

The original plan was not followed. Somewhere between the MI6 document that made its way to the President, via the CIA and FBI Division 5; someone else, with another agenda, entered the picture. The story that has been released to the public states that Diana died from loss of blood due to a torn heart. The truth is so abhorrent and unspeakable, that even those who know it can not bring themselves to think about it, let alone speak it.

COMPLETE article can be found HERE


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VISION OF DIANA RESCUES KOSOVO'S WAR ORPHANS--Stunned witness say a mysterious English nurse who looks eerily like the royal beauty (Diana) is working tirelessly to rescue orphans and reunite families ripped apart by the fighting but no one knows who she is. "We have only a handful of nurses from England and none of them bear even the remotest likeness to Diana," say Lt. Col Bradley Bennett of the U.S. Department of Defense.

IT'S STARTED...NOW THEY SEE VISIONS OF DIANA--The deification of Diana has begun. A series of bizarre ''appearances'' of the princess at St James's Palace have become the urgent gossip of mourners who saw - or thought they saw - her image on an oil painting inside. Some mourners had queued for as many as 11 hours to sign the Books of Condolence. A few felt they got rather more than they had bargained for.

NEW RELIGION FOR OLD?--Beth Delaney from Milton Keynes was waiting to sign a book of condolence in St James' Palace when she was visited by the 'risen' Princess. 'It was almost my turn to sign the book', remembers Beth, 'when I started to get goosepimples down my back like there had been a cold breeze. At the bottom of one of the paintings Diana's face appeared. She was smiling so it made me feel much better: all I wrote in the book of condolence was thank you'. Reporting from outside St James' Palace last September, one journalist, Clare Garner, was approached by at least 10 people claiming to have had visions of Diana in the same room on the same painting.

PRINCESS'S EERIE IMAGE--It seems merely a damp patch on the front concrete veranda. But last Saturday - the day Princess Diana was buried - six-year-old Amy Savage recognised something unusual on the porch of her grandparents' home in the Lower North town of Mallala. The grandmother, Mrs Stiena Sonntag, said: "Amy came in and said that Princess Di was on the veranda".

CRASH CONTAGION--Visions of Diana that appeared to mourners waiting patiently in line to sign one of the Books of Remmbrance at St James Palace in Sepetember 1997. A vision, we were told by these tearful mourners, that was a copy-conform of Diana’s Vogue cover pose. The visions started the same day, in the middle of the planetary Diana’thon, that an Iraqi newspaper, the Babel, reported that Princess Diana had been assassinated by the British secret service.

THE LATEST FROM PRINCESS DIANA--As a telepathic channel, I often receive transmissions which surprise and delight me. When I received this message from Princess Diana shortly after her tragic death, I was also humbled. The spirit of Diana was contacting me to give an urgent message, an explanation,to the people of Earth!

A HAUNTING VISION OF DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES--Some two hours later, my colleague, who was chatting on IRC, told me he had heard that Dodi Fayed and Diana had been involved in a car crash, Dodi was dead and Diana had been injured. I switched on the television. Sky News confirmed what had happened. We realised that the news unfolding was linked to the "vision". We both knew that Diana would not survive. I believe Diana had already died by then, although efforts to revive her appear to have continued for a while longer.

THE VISION AT ALTHORP--The Second Millennium has been an age of Marian visions -- the most famous of these occurring at Fatima in 1917. The 21st Century will usher in a new era. Was God's plan for the world frustrated by the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997? Visitors have not exactly been flocking to the Spencer estate in droves as many believed that they would. This may change during the fourth Althorp summer in July/August 2001 when Diana's apparition is witnessed by hundreds of spectators. Soon hundreds of thousands will flock to observe her flame-like image hovering above her grave on the tiny island where she is buried. Tears of joy and recognition will roll down their faces. At that time, she will impart a special message to the world.
By Michael McClellan from his yet-to-be published book, Nostradamus and the Final Age.

THE DIANA PROJECT--Repository of Diana channelings. From the site: "Diana told me that not only did she die to save her sons but because a Christian, a Muslim, ( Dodi) and a Catholic, (Mother Theresa) had to die at the same time to spread loving energy though out the world, crossing religious boundaries to undo the damage of millenniums of hated and fear."


Women's apparel in the temple of Diana:
Going to be murdered by the unknown one from Marne.

Nostradamus Quatrain 10.35

THE DIANA PROPHECY BASED ON NOSTRADAMUS--The meaning of the "temple" is finally clear. It stands at Althorp, the Spencer family estate.Many of the fashion ensembles Diana wore in life are now on exhibit in the museum dedicated to her memory, thus solving the enigma of the "women's apparel" in line 3.
By Michael McClellan from his yet-to-be published book, Nostradamus and the Final Age.

THE PRINCESS DIANA PROPHECY--In May 1997, three and half months before the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, Ginny Burgin, a member of an evangelical congregation in Sheffield, England told her church that she believed that she had received a message from God. It had come to her during a time of quiet prayer and she was convinced that it was related to the royal family. "I felt God say to me, I am doing work which, at the moment, is very unseen. But it is happening quicker than you think’." And the confirmation of this work, she said, would be the dawning of a day of mourning and the laying of flowers and fake plants in cities across Britain. On August 31, as the news of Diana’s death spread, the significance of her words echoed in the minds of those at the Sheffield church. Since then it has become known as Diana Prophecy and thousands of Christians in Britain believe it to be a direct sign from God that he is at work changing the hearts and minds of people.

THE DIANA PROPHECY--Twitching faithful find God in vision of Diana's flowers

THE DIANA PROPHECY--'When Princess Diana died, and particularly the weekend of her funeral, this nation found its soul,' Wynne Lewis, general superintendent Elim Pentecostal Churches (UK), told me when I was in England recently. 'There came a realisation of the stark reality that a heroine had gone - tragically - and life and materialism are very uncertain. It has become easier to preach salvation and the need to trust God.' Many Christians and leaders spoke of the so-termed 'Diana prophecy' received in two parts by a Sheffield lady as being highly significant to the nation.


GODDESS IN THE MAKING The prince, the beast of the sea, now has an extraordinary opportunity to advance, to shake off the scandals, claw back some of his lost popularity and advance in prestige and honour. He may even extend support to some of Diana's charities thus redeeming his lost lustre. Diana took to the grave not only many secrets but her opposition to the prince, a restrainer and opposer has been removed. She was the one who refused the mark in her hand, and she was repulsed by the beast, although some apparition may say differently.If there was ever an opportunity for Satan to deceive the world....IT IS NOW! Impersonating Diana would be stupendous. And if Charles is Satan's man, then the feminine image will tell us to follow him. I am willing to bet anything that there will be apparitions of Diana shortly. So when they come, the world will listen and be deceived. Do not be deceived

THE DIANA MYTH: FROM FAIRYTALE PRINCESS TO GRAIL QUEEN--The mythic angle I shall dwell on here, is based on a powerful Dream and my subsequent reflections on it from a Jungian angle and in the context of the Arthurian mythos of the Holy Grail

DIANA AS PREDICTED 2000 YEARS AGO--Interpretation of The Bible, Revelation, Chapter 12: The Woman Attacked by the Dragon and how it might be Diana.

SHE BECAME AN ICON--The Life and Death of Princess Diana in Millennial Discourse. The upsurge of popular feeling on the internet and elsewhere -- both pro and con -- since Diana's death, offers us a unique chance to witness the human mind at work, making, as Jay Gary says, an icon of a woman. But it is at least possible that what we are witnessing goes further than the making of an icon, or even the canonization of a saint. We may be witnessing an apotheosis...


DIANA AND WORLD RELIGION--A few weeks ago there was talk on ... about the possibility of moving toward one world religion, not as tyranny, but presumably as the consciousness of humanity unfolded, as people left behind outworn and unworkable aspects of former religions, and naturally embraced shared values and universal spiritual truths. If anything could do that sooner than we expected - and with great vision and fervor - it would be the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales, who has become now already the de facto "Princess of the World," and will be revered by many as a modern saint for her compassion, openness, dedication to relieving suffering, and behind-the-scenes work with people in need. With a minimum of theological dogma, and the accent on personal warmth, caring, and love, Diana will likely inspire a worldwide movement that is both spiritual and charitable, something like an extension of Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity, but will involve men and women of all ages, boys and girls, ordinary people from all walks of life, who have caught the vision of what Diana stood for and what her life was - and still is - about. Diana is very much in affinity with the archetype of the Divine Mother as she has entered the next phase of her eternal Life and service.

PRINCESS DIANA--BIRTH OF A NEW CHURCH?--It cannot be long before we see a cult of Saint Diana, perhaps even a church of Diana daughter of God.

THE EMERGENT GODDESS ~DIANA MYTH ~ RELIGION OF ANTICHRIST-- We have never seen anything quite like this before! It is a part of the Latter Day scenario. Now the young princes are left, like two “Jesus Christs”, the sons of a worshipped and adored goddess figure! The world has not seen the end of this “new religion” which has emerged in such an astounding way. What was it about this young woman that struck such a mighty chord on the hearts of ordinary people everywhere on the planet?

PRINCESS DIANA'S PSYCHIC MESSAGES--Princess Diana spoke to many psychics but many ordinary people also foresaw her death. was there a conspiracy to kill Diana and Dodi? Did she still love Charles? And has Diana now communicated to psychics and mediums from the Afterlife?

DIANA--THE OPERA--A LEADING Italian composer is to stage a Tosca-style opera based on the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales. The two-act opera, Lady Emma, recently won an opera competition in Prague and will open in the Czech capital next year, Il Messaggero said. Bruno Moretti, the composer noted for his ballet scores, and his librettist, Pasquale Plastino, admit that their "modern opera" is a barely fictionalised version of "the Charles and Di story".

ELTON JOHN BUILDS CHAPEL TO HONOR PRINCESS DIANA--SIR Elton John has stolen a march on the rest of the nation - by building a chapel to honour the late Princess Diana. While Buckingham Palace and the Government have dithered, the superstar has erected a his own private place of remembrance in the garden of his magnificent Windsor mansion, Woodside.

THE CHURCH OF DIANA WEBSITE--Founded by Chairman Yao who has authored the book  Diana Speaks: The Uncensored Messages from Princess Diana  Yao claims:""On Thanksgiving Eve, November 26th, 1997, I had  a dream....It was about Princess Diana who had died in a car crash in Paris on the 31st of August....I saw Diana on my TV screen. She looked radiant, very much alive, as handsome as ever...she is looking straight at
me....'Hello,' she says, 'May I speak to you?'" Thus begins the extraordinary odyssey of Chairman Yao, who  claims to be the exclusive conduit for Princess Diana's messages, which are revealed in the book. You can read a  sample chapter from the book at the  site.

Website of Author Rita Eide who says: "On behalf of Diana I am the so-called "author" of the book ,  however I am only the representative who has carried out her thoughts through the words of my voice."  Eide, a Medium and Psychic from Norway, claims that shortly after Princess Diana's death she heard a voice that identified itself as Diana. The Voice asked Eide to channel it's words and to publish them in this book.  In an  excerpt  from the book, the "Voice of Diana" reveals: "I have also been on earth many, many, years ago, a little more than 2000 years to be exact. Back then I was the mother of Mary, the Virgin Mary, and I gave birth to her with the love of all of you who supported me in the Essene community. We all knew of whom would come next, as that princess was born to give birth to the universal prince of Christ."

In Her Own Words: The After-death Journal of Princess Diana  A Book By Christine Toomey, psychic medium who was contacted spiritually by Diana hours before Diana's death had been announced. Princess Diana dictates her experiences in the afterlife through Christine Toomey, Diana describes her actual death experience, the various levels of healing she underwent, and her pastlife review, including the souls of people still living she met who she knew while alive. She also describes her meetings with those also crossed over, including encounters with John Lennon and Chris Farley. Diana also discusses the causes she championed and why, The Author has a monthly newsletter Princess Diana's Newsletter that contains recent messages from Diana.

STORM OVER DIANA "MADONNA" STATUE--A controversial statue of Diana, Princess of Wales portrayed as the Virgin Mary is to go on show in Liverpool on Thursday. The figure, on show at the  Tate Gallery at the Albert Dock, shows the late princess dressed in the traditional robes of the Virgin Mary. A comment from Rayelan Allan author of the book  Diana, Queen of Heaven.  regarding the Diana-"Madonna" statue can be found  HERE 

Divine Intervention: The True Story of How One Woman Walked Between Worlds and Returned With Messages of Hope from Diana By Hazel Courtney 
In 1998, Sunday Times health columnist Hazel Courteney underwent an experience that was to change her life forever. She found herself receiving direct communication from Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana became Hazel's guide telling of her new life and perpectives from the higher spirit realms and delivers a number of compelling messages about our possible futures on Earth. By choosing Hazel, a journalist, as her medium, Diana knew her messages of love and hope would reach thousands and empower people throughout the world to fulfill their true potential. 


AL FAYED CHARGES BRITISH SECURITY WITH MURDER--RMNews coverage of Press Conference given today at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. by John MacNamara, Chief of Security for Mohammed Al Fayed, and Mark Zaid, Al Fayed's United States lawyer. August 30, 2000 By Rayelan Allan, Publisher RMNews.








    THE DIANA FORUM--This site is devoted to exposing the forces behind the wrongful deaths and murders of Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul in Paris, France on August 31, 1997.

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