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TAOS HUM HOMEPAGE --The 'Taos Hum' is a low-pitched sound heard in numerous places worldwide, especially in the USA, UK, and northern europe. It is usually heard only in quiet environments, and is often described as sounding like a distant diesel engine. Since it has proven indetectable by microphones or VLF antennae, its source and nature is still a mystery.

CONSIDERING THE VARIETY and longevity of the traditional lore they have inspired, it is probably safe to say that no Connecticut phenomenon has occasioned more wonder, imaginative speculation and even scientific investigation than the mysterious underground rumblings and accompanying earth tremors known collectively as the "Moodus Noises." Apparently centered in an area which includes Cave Hill and neighboring Mount Tom, near the place in East Haddam where the Salmon and Moodus Rivers flow together, the Noises have awed and confounded all who have heard them from time immemorial.

THE MYSTERY OF OAK ISLAND --What buried treasure lies at the bottom of the money pit??

The object appears to be a pole rising from the ocean floor with twelve spokes radiating from it, each ending in a sphere. The spokes are at fifteen degree angles to each other. It is located approximately 1,000 miles south of Cape Horn, beneath some of the most inhospitable seas in the world...

THE ELTANIN 'ANTENNA' IDENTIFIED?---The USNS Eltanin , an ice breaking cargo ship, was launched and acquired by the US Navy in 1957. Reclassified as an Oceanographic Research Vessel for the National Science Foundation in 1962, it became the world's first Antarctic research ship.

On 29 August 1964 (per this account) while coring and photographing the deep sea bottom West of Cape Horn, the Eltanin took the photo shown here. The position was 59:07'S by 105:03'W, depth 3904 meters.

Scientists then on board were unable to identify the strange object, which lent it an aura of mystery. Bruce Cathie of New Zealand devised a Planetary Grid System around it, of such power and influence that atomic bombs could only detonate in certain special places. Cathie made 'improvements' to Einsteins famous equation e = mc^2 in the process.

Brad Steiger called the object an 'underwater UFO' (SAGA, December 1968) .. as did Ivan Sanderson (ARGOSY, March, 1970). Since then it has become a 'Grid Pole' reference point for Egyptian pyramids; the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, DC; the Orbital Period of Sitchin's Annunaki Planet Nibiru; free energy; the Philadelphia Experiment; Ley Lines; Gematrian Numbers & Numerology in general; Anti-gravity; Soybean Circles in Ohio .. and more.




THE FORTEAN TIMES --Claims to be the internet's number one resource for information on strange phenomena

PARANORMAL A TO Z WEBSITE --A Compendium of the Paranormal, Occult, Unusual, Supernatural, and Unexplained Phenomenon

FAR SHORES--Paranormal UFO Website

UNEXPLAINED.CJB.NET--Aliens, Alien, UFO, UFO's, ball lightning, Yeti, Big foot, X-files, conspiracy, knowledge, spirit, spiritual, ghosts, death,strange phenomenon, unexplainable, unidentified, poltergeist, bermuda triangle, triangle, unknown, spirits, life after dead, unexplainable, sights, sight, crop, alien activity, ressurection, loch ness, atlantis, chupa, chupacabra, big foot,paranormal, babylon 5, sightings, PSI factor, SCIFI, ressurrection, life after death.


PHANTOMS.CC - THE OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE OF L.E.M.U.R.  PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS-- 'L.E.M.U.R. (the League of Energy Materialization and Unexplained phenomena Research) is one of the United States' premier paranormal research teams. It was founded as a division of Shadowbox Enterprises in 1995.'

THE MIRACLES PAGE --Includes sections on: Healing Waters, Weeping Statues, Images and Icons,The White Buffalo, Crosses of Light, The Hindu Milk Mystery, Crop Circles and more.


MYSTERY AIRSHIPS OF THE 1800'S--"There happened in the borough of Cloera, one Sunday while people were at mass, a marvel. In this town there is a church to the memory of St. Kinarus. It befell that a metal anchor was dropped from the sky, with a rope attached to it, and one of the sharp flukes caught in the wooden arch above the church door.The people rushed out of the church and saw in the sky a ship with men on board, floating at the end of the anchor cable, and they saw a man leap overboard and pull himself down the cable to the anchor as if to unhook it. "He appeared as if he were swimming in water."

FLOATERS--The clinical floater and the anomalous floater have a relationship to stimulation between the retina and the visual cortex of the brain. But "relationship" is where this thing ends. The latter is subject to other PEOPLE OR EVENTS. The floaters that are solid things must be a utilization of the visual cortex or combination of other areas of the brain, that, unconscious to the subject, compose a reality unlike the original elements. In other words, when you and I go out, work, and play, our reactions with others and their world change our world materially...

PARANORMAL MANIMALS IN LATIN AMERICA--Puerto Rico and Mexico have reported an increase in reports about the Sasquatch's tropical cousin, which has not yet been given a name of its own.

LIVING ANIMALS LOCKED IN STONE--A horned lizard was found inside a block of stone, in New Mexico, in 1853. The stone was "so solid as to preclude the entrance of the smallest insect". The lizard was sent to the Smithsonian Institute, where it died 2 days later.

RED RAINS--What are red rains? Are they real? What do scientists say about them?

PUERTO RICO'S MYSTERY MUMMY--The body of a strange being--allegedly not native to this world--is being hidden from the Federal government's eyes somewhere in Puerto Rico.

SLIDERS AND THE STREETLIGHT PHENOMENON--Do streetlights suddenly go out when you pass beneath them? Do watches or credit cards stop working in your possession? Perhaps you are a SLIder.

THE PSYCHIC SASQUATCH AND THEIR UFO CONNECTION--What they observed in the moments that followed was beyond their wildest imaginations. They reported that the Sasquatch stepped out of the forest holding a flashlight device, and directed the beam up in the air while howling upwardly. During this time, other unseen creatures hit their sticks against hollow logs making a loud drum-like thud. There were three bangs, then a pause; three bangs, then a pause – always three. Within minutes, a round, saucer-shaped glowing object appeared on the horizon and hovered over the trees directly above the Sasquatch.

THE DEVIL'S FOOTPRINTS--In 1855, some time between 11 pm on February 7 and dawn on February 8, a strange event of some sort left its trace across one hundred miles of British countryside. On the morning of February 8, a trail of tracks was found in the snow stretching from Topsham and Bicton in the North, through Exmouth, across the unfrozen bay near Powdersham Castle, and on to its end in Dawles and Totnes in the South; a distance across Devonshire of a little over a hundred miles. Since the snowfall was known to have ended at 11 pm on the previous night, the trail, despite its impossible length, must have been created within the few hours between then and dawn, when the tracks were first noticed by a baker in Topsham.


WHEN FLESH AND BLOOD FELL FROM THE SKY--The fall of flesh and blood from the sky would generate no small amount of curiosity, even in our technologically advanced society acquainted with air travel. We can only imagine the consternation that such events had upon people in the days before powered flight. Falls of blood, and in some cases even flesh, have been chronicled throughout history from all over the world. Understandably, these events sometimes caused consternation among the people, and were often seen as portents of ill luck or doom.

PHANTOM DOGS--Large Black Dogs with fiery, red eyes reportedly raided European churches several times during the middle ages. They would enter a church service (usually during a severe storm) and appear to be searching for something or someone; and on August 4, 1577, in Bongay, England, a large black dog ran down the aisle of a church, killed two people in attendance and badly injured another.

SPONTANEOUS HUMAN INVISIBILITY--Spontaneous human invisibility is a rare and bizarre phenomena, lacking evidence that such an event could occur and deviate from known laws of physics. However, several detailed accounts from unrelated individuals have been reported.

HUMAN SPONTANEOUS INVOLUNTARY INVISIBILITY--In the summer of 1994, I became aware of a very strange phenomenon, human spontaneous involuntary invisibility, which was apparently happening to people in the U.S. When I checked with other researchers and discovered that a number of them had also heard of such cases, I decided to place an inquiry letter in several well-known journals, asking other researchers and the general public if they had any experiences of this nature that they would like to share with me. Besides the publication of my inquiry letter, my inquiry was placed on several Internet bulletin boards. The letters began pouring in, giving me a broader picture of this phenomenon. I want to share a few stories with you and pass on some of the information I have come across during this past year.

SURVIVAL AFTER DEATH--Dying is as natural as being born. Immortality is a natural physical phenomenon. The study of immortality is an area of science, not faith. Scientific evidence has existed for over a century that we all survive the death of our phyiscal bodies, irrespective of our religious beliefs.

CHILDREN'S PAST LIVES--Many children remember their past lives—spontaneously, without hypnosis or prompting. Some as young as two and still in diapers blurt out, "I remember when I died before" or "My other Mommy had curly hair". They often describe details that they had no way of learning in this life.Only recently have children's past lives been researched and documented. Now we know that these memories happen naturally to young children in all countries of the world, regardless of the beliefs of their parents. They can happen any time to any child, but parents don't notice because they don't know it's possible or don't know what to look for.

NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES OF CHILDREN--Near-Death Experiences of Children by P.M.H. Atwater, Lh.D. Children of any age can have a near-death experience. That includes newborns and infants. What they describe, once they are able to verbalize, can be quite shocking to parents who are unfamiliar with the startling reality of near-death states.

A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE--The Irrefutable Objective Evidence. "The argument that follows is not just an abstract, theoretical,academic legal argument. As an open minded investigator I set out to investigate the existing evidence for survival and with others to create conditions to test for ourselves claims that communication with intelligences from the afterlife is possible.

A DOLL NAMED OKIKU--Since 1919, this doll's hair has grown, so much so that it must be cut yearly!

THIS GHOST SMEARS VASELINE ON US!!!--A FAMILY say they are being terrorised by an invisible creature which moves their beds and breaks objects in their home. "When we sleep blankets are removed from us and our bodies are smeared with lotions which are in the house," said father of four Masite Sejake. "Sometimes Vaseline is smeared on us."

DEJA VU - HERE AND NOW, THERE AND THEN--The experience of Deja Vu in clinical and spiritual terms.

UNDERSTANDING THE AURA--Surrounding all living things is an energy field that psychics call the Aura. It is a blaze of many colours which can be seen with clairvoyant vision. Conecting the aura to the human body are seven vital centres called chakras which serve different spiritual functions. Each is designated a colour of the rainbow.

THE ELUSIVE LITTLE PEOPLE--Leprechauns... elves... fairies... they’re all just characters of folklore, figments of the imagination... right? Amazingly, there are eyewitnesses who claim they are very real!

UNDERGROUND MYSTERIES--CALIFORNIA, LANDERS. About a dozen miles north of Yucca Valley is Giant Rock, thought to be the largest free-standing boulder in the world. It covers 5800 sq. ft. and is 7 stories high. It was used in ancient times for seances by native American chiefs. Frank Critzer was the first modern individual to excavate rooms from beneath Giant Rock. According to Hank Krastman, Frank stated that in the process of his excavations he "had stumbled onto some unusual glass-lined tunnels under ground which went down real deep". Critzer hollowed out 400 square feet of rooms from under the north side.

ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - SPIRITUALISM AND FAIRIES--The Fairy Photographs (Site Contails High Resolution Copies Of The Photos) -- Photographic experts who were consulted declared that the negatives of all the photos had not been tampered with, there was no evidence of double exposures, and that a slight blurring of one of the fairies in photo number one indicated the fairy was moving during the exposure of 1/50 or 1/100 second. They seemed not to even entertain the simpler explanation that the fairies were simple paper cut-outs fastened on the bush, jiggling slightly in the breeze.

NUMBER SEQUENCES FROM THE ANGELS--By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. "The angels do their best to get our attention and to communicate with us. In this way, they help us heal our own lives. However, we often discount the signs they give us, writing them off as mere coincidences or our imagination. The angels say: “We can’t write our messages to you in the sky. You’ve got to pay attention and believe when you see any patterns forming in your life — especially in response to any questions or prayers you’ve posed. When you hear the same song repeatedly or see the same number sequence, who do you think is behind this? Your angels, of course!"

STULL CEMETERY- GATEWAY TO HELL?--If evil had a home where would that home be? If you asked most people that question they probably wouldn't guess Kansas, but some say that's exactly where you're most likely to find true evil.

THE GATES OF HELL OPENED?--Scientists are afraid that they have opened the gates of hell. A geological group who drilled a hole about 14.4 kilometers deep (about 9 miles) in the crust of the earth, are saying that they heard human screams. Screams have been heard from the condemned should from earth's deepest hole. Terrified scientists are afraid they have let loose the evil powers of hell up to the earth's surface. RECORDING OF THE ALLEGED SOUNDS OF HELL HERE

BIBLE THUMPING--Las Vegas Nevada - Ben Blalock is convinced that God showed his wrath on a lonely stretch of road last week. Ben was driving southbound on Hwy. 55 on August 22nd when a bible fell out of the sky and crashed into his windshield.

LEVITATION--Levitation is a phenomenon of psychokinesis (PK) in which objects, people, and animals are lifted into the air without any visibly physical means and float or fly about. The phenomenon has been said to have occurred in mediumship, shamanism, trances, mystical rapture, and demonic possession. Some cases of levitation appear to be spontaneous, while spiritual or magical adepts are said to be able to control it consciously.

A MODERN JONAH--Shortly before eleven that night, something disturbing was noticed. Working by lantern, the whale's great stomach and liver were hoisted onto the deck of the ship and it was seen that the stomach was very slightly, but very definitely, moving. The ship's doctor was called to find an explanation; having none, he cut the stomach open. Inside was found James Bartley, one of the two missing men, curled up and unconcious, but alive! He had been in the whale's stomach for fifteen hours.

SOVIET COSMONAUTS SAW "CELESTIAL" BEINGS--The six Soviet Cosmonauts in 1985 saw "celestial beings" on the 155th day aboard their orbiting space station. This was first reported by Cosmonaut Vladimir Solevev and Oleg Atkov as well as Leonid Kizim. This is what they said, "What we saw were seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of angels."

FINGERPRINT EXPERT TRIES TO DEBUNK BIGFOOT--REACHES OPPOSITE CONCLUSION--Examination of alleged Bigfoot footprint castings didn't lead to the conclusion expected. Fingerprint Technician now believes that -- while some of the castings are fakes -- some are the genuine prints of a reclusive animal that has yet to be documented and studied.

MIRACULOUS PHOTOS--Site contains several VERY interesting photos of unexplained phenomena.

PEDRO THE MOUNTAIN MUMMY--He was found sitting cross-legged on a ledge in a small cave in a granite mountain. His hands were folded in his lap, in the timeless attitude of a Buddha. He appeared to be middle-aged. His skin was brown and wrinkled, his nose flat, the forehead low, the mouth broad and thin-lipped. And he was 14 inches tall.

THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIEY FOR PARANORMAL RESEARCH--I.S.P.R--The International Society For Paranormal Research®, a non-profit organization, founded by Parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz in1972, is the world’s authority in Field Parapsychology. For more than a quarter of a century, ISPR® Investigations have revolutionized paranormal field research and has collected and disseminated information and assisted thousands who have experienced paranormal phenomena.

BRUSHSTROKES FROM BEYOND--"I was cleaning one day and something made me look at the painting. Nothing seemed weird about it but then I noticed that there was a light painted coming out of one of the windows of the cabin. That was strange because I swear Grandfather Beck didn't paint it that way."

MIRAGES OF CITIES AND TOWNS--In June of 1801, a mirage of an unknown city appeared for more than an hour in Youghal County, Cork, Ireland. It was "a representation of mansions, surrounded by shrubbery and white palings--- forests behind.

UFO RESOURCE CENTER - THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY AND UFOs - UFOs AND MARIAN APPARITIONS--'Come and browse our extensive case study directory entitled "UFOs and Marian Apparitions." Miraculous stories of healing, restoration and intervention by apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Christ... these apparitions are usually seen in conjunction with high UFO activity. This exclusive resarch by Christopher Montgomery is featured here and no where else on the 'net!...'

VIRGIN MARY APPEARS OVER CHURCH IN ZEITUN, EGYPT--While all in America were watching the the Chicago riots at the Democratic Convention, or viewing live war zone broadcasts from Vietnam or were being mesmerized by the Watergate hearings on television, the Mother of God was appearing for tens of thousands to see in the land of the pyramids at a Coptic church constructed to commemorate the area in Egypt where she had come with Joseph and Jesus when they all fled from Herod. Starting in April, 1968, her apparitions of light changed the lives of thousands. Her appearances at Zeitun were astounding. She was seen by more than a million people. The apparitions were broadcast by Egyptian TV,photographed by hundreds of professional photographers and personally witnessed by Egyptian President Abdul Nasser, an avowed Marxist. The apparitions lasted for three years with numerous unaccountable healings recorded by various medical professionals. The local police, who initially thought the apparitions were an elaborate hoax, searched a 15-mile radius surrounding the site to uncover any type of device that could be used to project such images. They were completely unsuccessful. (Photo can be viewed at site

THE UNEXPLAINED SITE--This site has been built to help people in their research of the unknown and simply for those who need some interesting reading.

THE CRYPTOZOOLOGIST--"Cryptozoology" was coined by Dr. Bernard Heuvelmans in his personal correspondence among colleagues in the 1950s, after the 1955 French publication of his book On the Track of Unknown Animals. The first published use of the word "cryptozoology" was in 1959 when a book by Lucien Blancou was dedicated to "Bernard Heuvelmans, master of cryptozoology." (See the International Society of Cryptozoology's journal, Cryptozoology #3, page 21.) Since 1982, Bernard Heuvelmans has written extensively in the journal Cryptozoology on his current thoughts defining and redefining "cryptozoology."

SKY PREDATORS--The existence of strange, unclassified forms of life which may inhabit Earth’s atmosphere has long been the subject of speculation and independent research. It is a fact that the myths and folklore of many cultures are rife with references to aerial apparitions like faeries, sylphs, elementals, and wills-o’-the-wisp, and that sightings of these unusual things have occurred throughout history. Although many of these creatures are considered benign, there are troubling indications which suggest that others could be classified as sky predators.

CLOUDS OF SUSPICION--When is a cloud not a cloud? Perhaps when it behaves so strangely – even to the point of attacking people – that it becomes a truly puzzling manifestation.

THE DEVIL'S ARROWS - NORTH YORKSHIRE--Originally four stones, their name has been traced back to 1721 when they where known locally as The Devil’s Bolts. Legend claims that oneday the Devil stood on Howe Hill and fired four arrows to destroy Fountain’s Abbey in Aldborough but they fell short of their intended target.



THE GREEN CHILDREN OF WOOLPIT--Sometime between the years 1135 A.D. and 1154 A.D., two strange children were found near Woolpit, England. Workers were harvesting their fields when they heard frightened cries; investigating, they discovered two children, a boy and a girl, terrified and huddled near a pit. They were screaming in a unknown language, and their clothes were made of a strange looking, unknown material... but stranger still, the children's skin was green.

ACCOUNTS OF GREEN CHILDREN--There are two different yet similar reports of strange green-skinned children found abandoned near villages in Europe. The first account dates back to the 12th Century.


THE DIMENSIONAL GATE OF BEAVER OKLAHOMA --Dimensional Gate in America? Could such a thing really exist? The news has rocked the paranormal community of late and many a small and quiet expedition has secretly began their research, joining other groups such as paleontologists and archaeologists in covert digs in the sand hills of Beaver Oklahoma since 1993.

THE SHAMEN'S PORTAL-- The Shamen's Portal , other wise known as the Beaver Sands Portal. The Shamen's Portal is a place of mystery, nestled somewhere in the sand dunes of Beaver State Park, just outside of the town of Beaver Oklahoma. It is a little known enigma, a gate in the unknown if you will.

THE MYSTERY HOLE--The Astounding Woodstock Mystery Hole just 2 miles west of I-205 located in Portland Oregon. Inside the Mystery Hole you'll find a Giant Double Arch, Geometric "codes" inscribed on walls, and other oddities. A Black Obsidian Mirror, and a Florite Crystal Tower, re-constructed based on information gleaned from the curious glyphs insculptured on the Giant Double Arch found deep inside The Mystery Hole

THE OREGON VORTEX AND HOUSE OF MYSTERY--The House of Mystery itself was originally an assay office for a gold mining company, but the history of the surrounding area, The Oregon Vortex, goes back to the days of the Indians. To them it was known as a Forbidden Ground, a place to be shunned. Many years before the house was built, it was noted that unusual conditions existed here; but it was not until well into the present century that any effort was made towards a scientific analysis of the disturbance and it was not until 1943 that a solution was acheived.

THE CURSE OF PALMYRA ISLAND--Forteans and other students of the strange and bizarre are probably well versed regarding the subjects of ghosts, hauntings and curses. Most of us are probably familiar with the classic tales of haunted houses or haunted places like a graveyard or a swamp. And for those stories with a more nautical flavor, there is always the Bermuda Triangle and sightings of ghost ships like the Marie Celeste and the Flying Dutchman. But can an island also be haunted or cursed?

SURRENCY SPOOK LIGHT--The Surrency Spook Light is located in Surrency, Georgia along the Macon/Brunswick railroad tracks. Surrency, which was incorporated in 1911, is a small town of about 300 people in the southeast portion of Georgia. The light itself is described as a bright yellow ball that dissapears when approached. Sightings of the light began in the early 1900s, and apparently continue to the present day.

BROWN MOUNTAIN LIGHTS--The Brown Mountain Lights are one of the most well-known cases of Ghost Lights. The lights are described as red, blue, green, or white balls which disappear when approached. Legend holds that these lights are the spirits of Native American tribesmen killed in battle long ago. Other theories, put forth by such organizations as The U.S. Geological Survey, have at various times suggested that the lights are ignited swamp gas, the reflected lights of local towns, or train/car headlights. However, there is no swampland in the area, and the lights have been seen since long before the time of automobiles and electric lights. Thus the Brown Mountain Lights remain a mystery.

THE MARFA LIGHTS--Marfa, Texas is a small west Texas ranching community of about 2,000 folks, located near Big Bend National Park. Marfa is known primarily for two reasons. The classic movie "Giant", with Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, an incredibly clean-cut Dennis Hopper and James Dean®, was filmed in Marfa. Marfa is also home of the semi-famous Marfa Mystery Lights.

GREECE'S MYSTERIOUS NTAVELIS CAVE - GATEWAY TO ANOTHER DIMENSION?--Ntavelis Cave located near Mt. Penteli, Greece."When they made measurements in the cave area, they found stong abnormalities in the magnetic field, a strong smell of ozone in the entrance, and dificulties to take pictures in some areas of the cave. They also noticed a strong loose of electrical power. They continued the research for many years but ten years later....the Air Force came into play. They closed...or tried to close ...the area to build a huge tunnel system around the cave and connect the cave from within as a part of this tunnel. The oficial explanation was, and still is, that the whole tunnel system is a part of a NATO project. Anyway, after some years they stoped building the tunnel is still deserted there ... and the Air Force people left the area."

ODD EVENTS AT GREECE'S MT. PENTELI AND NTAVELIS' CAVE--Inside the cave are the entries to an underground tunnel system. Some are believed to extend great distances and include exits as far away as Attika. One of the tunnels is reported to lead into a large underground hall complete with a small lake and a very ancient temple dedicated to the greek god Pan.

MEXICO'S ZONE OF SILENCE--Mexico's mysterious, magical zona del silencio--the Zone of Silence, just four hundred miles away from El Paso, Texas. Deserts are often considered to be mysterious enough without the added weirdness that this patch of earth some four hundred miles from El Paso has to offer. It is a place which gobbles up radio and TV signals, and which has of late been associated with the UFO phenomenon.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE STARGATE?--Do Newly Mapped Magnetic Anomalies Point to the Stars? A German historian/scuba diver has recorded the exact location and value of deviations in magnetic fields off the Bahamas coast. Scientists to whom he has shown the figures do not dismiss the possibility that they are caused by micro-wormholes. His researches have also led him to wonder whether the American AUTEC naval base on Andros Island is not-perhaps on account of these same wormholes-an "Underwater Area 51 of the Caribbean." And he has reached some new conclusions concerning Atlantis and the Bahamas.

THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE--WHAT REALLY HAPPENED THERE?--20th Century's Biggest Mystery Revealed? Everyone has heard of the Bermuda Triangle at one time or another. It is a phenomenon that has puzzled a great many people, it's name forever linked to the mysterious disappearances that have taken place in the imaginary triangle stretching from Norfolk to the island of Bermuda and back to Puerto Rico. This site hopes to shed some light and propose a number of plausible theories. Some scientific and some fantastical. Also, it contains a database of the vessels lost in the Devil's Triangle (another name for the Bermuda Triangle).

THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE FAQ--United States Navy Site and Bermuda Triangle Fact Sheet.

MAYAN RUINS AND UNEXPLAINED ACOUSTICS --The Great Ballcourt is 545 feet long and 225 feet wide overall. It has no vault, no discontinuity between the walls and is totally open to the sky. The Great Ballcourt has no curved surfaces. Each end has a raised "temple" area. A whisper from one end can be heard clearly at the other end 500 feet away and through the length and breath of the court. The sound waves are unaffected by wind direction or time of day/night.

LONGDENDALE - THE HAUNTED VALLEY--Right up to the present day, the Longdendale Valley and the surrounding countryside of Derbyshire's Peak District has been the source of ghost stories and tales of the paranormal and supernatural. Longdendale is also reputed to be one of the UK's most active window areas for sightings of 'UFO's', weird lights and earthlights or 'spooklights' and other reported unexplained encounters or strange aerial phenomena. Hype and hyperbole? Or is there a genuine reason for the strange reputation of the area?

THE WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE - OFFICIAL SITE--In 1884, a wealthy widow named Sarah L. Winchester began a construction project of such magnitude that it was to occupy the lives of carpenters and craftsmen until her death thirty-eight years later. The Victorian mansion, designed and built by the Winchester Rifle heiress, is filled with so many unexplained oddities, that it has come to be known as the Winchester Mystery House.

HAUNTED PLACES - THE WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE--Sarah Winchester was the wife of the heir to the Winchester Rifle fortune, William Winchester. They had one child, a daughter, Annie, who died about one month after her birth. William died approximately 15 years later of tuberculosis. Mrs. Winchester, deeply distraught over both deaths, consulted a medium for guidance. This is where the fun starts. The medium, rather than giving a message of a comforting nature, told Sarah that her family was cursed by the spirits of all those killed by Winchester rifles. These spirits had taken the lives of her husband and daughter as a revenge. The only thing that would pacify these tormented, and tormenting, souls would be to purchase a house and build on it continually. If Sarah did as the spirits directed, she could escape them. Apparently, the medium also gave Sarah the impression that if the construction ceased, so would Sarah's life

THE DRAGON'S TRIANGLE--In recent years much has been written about the Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious phenomena associated with it. Less known, on the other side of the world, there exists a similar area of ocean known as the Dragon’s Triangle...


"I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!" ~ Edward Leedskalnin - Creator of Coral Castle ~


SECRET ENERGY HAUNTS CORAL CASTLE--The entire castle complex, which looks like a combination fortress and ancient temple, was constructed of huge coral blocks, many of which exceed five tons. Leedskalnin built the castle and everything in it by himself over 26 years -- using tools he made from scavenged junkyard parts.

MYSTERIES OF CORAL CASTLE --Florida's Coral Castle has attracted the international attention of professional construction engineers, astounded and mystified by the apparently impossible achievement of this diminutive wonder-worker. In the mid-1970s, for example, a large bulldozer was hired to manipulate a coral block equivalent to the Castle's 30-ton monolith; the bulldozer could not even lift it.


THE CORAL CASTLE MYSTERY --Article by Christopher Dunn, From Atlantis Rising Number 12 (Summer 1997)

MAGNETIC CURRENT --Text of pamplet written by Edward Leedskalnin, Builder of Coral Castle. Leedskalnin wrote several pamphlets which he sold to visitors of Coral Castle, then called Rock Gate.

CASTLE WAS BUILT FOR THE FAMILY THAT NEVER WAS --By Sharon Shapiro/Tampa Tribune Correspondent. Originally published March 21, 1996.

CORAL CASTLE LOOKS TO THE COSMOS --By Sharon Shapiro/Tampa Tribune Correspondent. Originally published March 21, 1996



EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN AND THE SYMBOLISM BEHIND SWEET 16--In conjunction with a number (16), we get other numerous possibilities, or if you like 'remote likelihoods'. One of them is interpreting 16, as originating from the first two digits of the Phi-ratio. He did it to immortalize his secret knowledge, to celebrate the power of the Dodecahedron.



WEB ASYLUM - HOLLOW EARTH--The Earth is hollow and there are people living inside - including descendants of survivors from Atlantis and Lemuria. The outer crust is 800 - 1000 miles thick and there is a hole at each pole of approximately 1,400 miles in diameter, out of which flying saucers come from time to time. In the middle of the hollow earth is a small central sun, which provides the inhabitants with light and warmth.The emissions from the central sun are also responsible for the Aurora, observed near the poles. The two holes are normally hidden by a thick cloud cover, but on occasion they can be seen.

SPIRITWEB: AGHARTA, THE LAND OF ADVANCED RACES--The kingdom of this inner society is called Agharta with the main-city of Shamballa. Those places referenced in the image above, lie inward and have also an inward sky with clouds. The Central Sun is inside of Earth. Tunnel entrances to Inner Earth

ANDEAN LEGENDS OF THE INNER EARTH--The highland Andes have been known through myth and legend as one of the access points for vast underground subterrenaen cities, the domain of inner-earth beings who from time to time, emerge from their lower worlds into the upper atmosphere of our third-dimensional density

THE HOLLOW EARTH--The British astronomer Edmund Halley, of comet fame, proposed that the earth might consist of several concentric spheres placed inside one another in the manner of a Chinese box puzzle. The two inner shells had diameters comparable to Mars and Venus, while the solid inner core was as big as the planet Mercury. More startling was Halley's proposal that each of these inner spheres might support life. They were supposed to be bathed in perpetual light created by a luminous atmosphere. When there was an unusually bright display of aurora borealis, Halley postulated that it might have been caused by glowing gas escaping from the earth' s interior into our atmosphere.

HOLLOW PLANETS THEORY WEBSITE--A Feasibility study of possible hollow worlds.Could the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth be hollow?

SPACE IMAGES--Images Showing an Opening at the North Pole.

JOURNEY BEYOND REALITY - INSIDE OUR EARTH--Article courtesy of Exposure Magazine (Volume3 Number2) By David M Summers It never fails to amaze me, that the things we're taught as fact can be later proven untrue, but some of us remain locked within established thought. Most of us accept what we're taught as truth, because everybody else believes it. If you go against the mainstream, you could be more often than not, labelled with various words. For example; if you go against the established religious order, then your classed as a heathen or an apostate; the scientific order, a heratic; dud the political order, then your probably labelled as a radical right-wing neo-nazi fascist. Our society has a label for everybody who is a non-conformistl Science tells us there are points, north and south, which mark exactly where the lines of longitude cross. -Yet no expedition has ever succeeded to arrive at such a point. Studying core samples from deep drilling, we know the Earth is solid - to a certain depth. We also know that temperatures within the Earth increase the deeper we drill -- at least up to the point we have explored; and so therefore assume Earth must be solid right through to the core. This is due to inaccurate measurements and assumption.

THE SECRET LAND MOVIE MADE OF OPERATION HIGH-JUMP--In 1947 Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal sent a naval task force to Antarctic including Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Krusen and Admiral Byrd, called "Operation Highjump". It was touted to be an expedition to find "coal deposits" and other valuable resources, but in actuality they were trying to find the underground base of the nazis (aryans) in Neuschwabenlandt. The nazis had done a very detailed study of Antarctic and were alleged to have built an underground base there. In this regard however, the aryans have had an underground habitation in Antarctic for more than a million years.

SECRET DIARY OF ADMIRAL BYRD?--I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It con cerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty Seven.

THE HOLLOW EARTH--Although Admiral Byrd is perhaps the best known "Hollow Earth" explorer, it was Sir Edmund Haley, founder of Haley's comet who first gave us the notion of a hollow earth. He noticed from his compass readings that magnetic north moved around a bit from where it was supposed to be. He blamed that on other factors of nature until he discovered that his readings had changed when he compared them to readings taken years earlier. His only explanation was that there were other worlds beneath the surface of the earth, and that each had their own poles in different positions from the north and south poles of the earth that we know.



UNNATURAL MUSEUM - HOLLOW EARTH--Perhaps some of the most bizarre scientific theories ever considered were those concerning the possibility that the Earth was hollow. One of the earliest of these was proposed in 1692 by Edmund Halley.

REAL JOURNEYS TO THE HOLLOW EARTH--The idea that the world we inhabit might be a hollow one contradicts all that science tells us but even today, in an age dominated by technology and where orbiting satellites scan every square metre of Earth, there are those who maintain that our planet has no central core. This is a place of the inner Sun, where UFOs come from and where just a handful of humans claim to have successfully journeyed too. Is it real, is it any less tangible than the concept of extraterrestrial visitors from the far side of our galaxy?

AGARTHA - SECRETS OF THE SUBTERRANEAN CITIES--The real life account of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. His story, set in the 1800s, is told in Willis Emerson's biography entitled "The Smoky God." Olaf's little sloop drifted so far north by storm that he actually sailed into a polar entrance and lived for two years with one of the colonies of the Agartha Network, called "Shamballa the Lesser." He describes his hosts as those "of the central seat of government for the inner continent . . . measuring a full 12 feet in height . . . extending courtesies and showing kindness . . . laughing heartily when they had to improvise chairs for my father and I to sit in." Olaf tells of a "smoky" inner sun, a world comprised of three-fourths land and one-fourth water.

(I T C)

WORLD ITC WEBSITE--Instrumental Tanscommunication (ITC) means that the messages coming from beyond will be received and/or stored by use of technical means.
ITC is the use of tape recorder, TVs, radios, computers, telephones, and other technical devices with the intent to get meaningful information from beyond in such forms as voices, images, and text.
EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experimenting produced the first ITC contacts using a tape recorder and a simple microphone. Later on there occurred ITC contacts via telephone, computer, fax, special devices and so on.
The big advantage of ITC is the possibility to prove to others that something uncommon takes place. Not only the receiver of the messages, for example the medium, but also others could become a witness of these contacts. Almost everybody who is really interested in that phenomenon can get and with persistence will get EVP.

BREAKTHROUGH IN AMERICA   Audiotaping first became popular after World War II, and people began noticing a strange phenomenon: They would tape music or conversation or nature sounds, and sometimes, when playing it back, they could hear short, faint voices on tape--voices that by all rational thought shouldn't be there. Many years of serious research by thousands of experimenters around the world led to the conclusion that many of those voices were the voices of spirits--people who once had lived on Earth and were now residing in finely spun, invisible dimensions of reality. With few exceptions, the voices rarely lasted more than two seconds, and any form of dialog was virtually unheard of. . . until George Meek got involved....

A GHOSTLY VOICE   RECENT advances in computer and communications technologies are helping researchers find new ways to communicate with the ‘other side’.

INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION (I T C)   --Article excerpt of Perforations 5: Volume 4 Number 1, Bodies Dreams Technologies: Instrumental Contact With The Dead?

PARANORMAL VOICES ASSERT: DEATH NO END--The Woods/Greene collection of direct voice recordings has been called the most complete account of life in the hereafter ever received.This site is dedicated to the memory of George Woods and Betty Greene, who painstakingly recorded direct voices on their tape recorder and made it their lifetime work to copy them for everyone who asked for it without ulterior financial motives All the communications would have been of personal interest only, were it not that they have been recorded, first on wire or paper tapes, later on better quality tapes. Sidney George Woods sat with Leslie Flint from 1946 onwards. In 1953 he was joined by Mrs. Betty Greene who gave him invaluable assistance.

SOUND & PICTURES FROM THE OTHER SIDE   The issue of whether human consciousness survives beyond physical death and if so, in what way, has intrigued our species since time immemorial. Nor has the matter been one of mere academic or theological interest. Rather, human beings have long and diligently sought to communicate with those who have made the transition from earthly life to whatever realm follows death in order to gain, among other things, meaningful solace and psychological closure, worldly advice, or spiritual wisdom.

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA (E.V.P.)   Mounting evidence suggests that communication between this world and the next may one day be achieved at the flick of a switch. That is if we are to believe the claims of a growing number of researchers world-wide who are seemingly receiving spirit world messages and pictures through radios, TVs and computers. The breakthrough is called Instrumental Transcommunication - ITC for short - and is the collective term for conversing with the Other Side using electronic instrumentation. Former Psychic News editor Tim Haigh traces ITC's history, which has its roots in the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP).

WHAT IS INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION   By definition, instrumental transcommunication is the use of instruments for the communication with the Beyond (so the "trans"). Until hundred and twenty years ago that phenomenon was only possible through the mediums (medium=link). But the Codifier, in May of 1855, became aware of tables that answered with taps the questions posed by "humans." Allan Kardek understood there was an intelligent source behind that "mini-poltergeist" (according to researcher Hernani Guimarães Andrade). The method is much the contemporary technique, but the principle of talking with entities without the help of the mouth of the spiritual medium is all there. With the progress allowed by the inventions, the spirits started to use our Earthly apparels to call their beloved ones.

TRANSCOMMUNICATION VIDEO AND AUDIO--Website with sound and video clips of alleged voices from "the other side." Recorded by the website owner

ELECTRONIC LINKS TO OTHER DIMENSIONS AND ENTITIES -- Methods of communication with the other side have been improving thanks to the new technology developed by man, leaving behind the traditional methods of contact such as the ouija board, automatic writing, and even the medium's trance. These days the computer, camcorder and the VCR have proved to be much more efficient channels of communication and demonstrated the existence of something beyond death. These new attempts of contact are already known as "transcommunications",

THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE --Mounting evidence suggests that communication between this world and the next may one day be achieved by turning on your television. That is, if we are to believe the claims of a growing number of researchers world-wide who are allegedly receiving spirit world messages and pictures through radios, computers, even fax machines.


VOICES AND SOUNDS FROM OTHER REALMSThe taped contact with spirit is called EVP - (Electronic Voice Phenomena). This is also known as Instrumental Transcommunication which is the collective term for conversing with the Other Side using electronic instrumentation. These insturments can include tape recorders, camcorders, telephones, answer machine, radios, televisions, or anything welse that is electronic. The sound from other dimensions may or may not be heard when they are recorded but will be heard when you lotse to the 'playback'!


VOICES FROM CYBERSPACE --Ever since Spiritualism hit the shores of America and Europe in the 1840s, people have been fascinated with the idea of contact with the dead. At first, the manifestations were decidely low-tech: at seances, spirits would make their presence known either through speaking through the medium (what we today call "channeling") or through other means, such as table raps, automatic writing, or spelling out phrases on ouija boards. However, it was inventor Thomas Edison who first predicted that the spirits would strive to keep up with the times, and that they might use more technological means to make contact in the future. His prediction was vindicated when his was the first of many voices to appear on the tapes of spiritualist researcher Friedrich Jurgenson in the late 1950s.


GHOST INVESTIGATORS SOCIETY--The Ghost Investigators Society (G.I.S.) is a non- profit organization and provides it's services free of charge. The society is a group of individuals who have come together due to a common interest: ghosts! Site has samples of E.V.P. that you can listen to.


NEW JERSEY ONLINE--JERSEY DEVIL PAGE--One stop information site on the Jersey Devil

THE JERSEY DEVIL STORY--The Jersey Devil, the supposed mythical creature of the New Jersey Pinelands, has haunted New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past 260 years. This entity has been seen by over 2,000 witnesses over this period. It has terrorized towns and caused factories and schools to close down, yet many people believe that the Jersey Devil is a legend, a mythical beast, that originated from the folklore of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Others disagree with this point of view. The following text will show there is evidence to support the existence of an animal or supernatural bring known as the Jersey Devil. The evidence consists of the stories of the Jersey Devil's origin, the sightings of it, and finally, the theories on it.


THE JERSEY DEVIL OF THE PINE BARRENS--"It is a haunted place where the blood red waters of the Mullica River rise in the bog of a New Jersey town.... The cedars that line the river banks stain the waters their deep color. Stunted pitch pines stand motionless, their shallow roots anchored precariously in gleaming white stands. Silence reigns." So writes Helena Mann-Malnitchenko in her autobiographic memoir, "A Haunted Place," an eloquent sketch of the Pine Barrens.

OUTSANITY--THE JERSEY DEVIL--Centuries worth of sightings and incidents point to a strange resident living within South Jersey's Pinelands:The Jersey Devil.

LEUT'S JERSEY DEVIL PAGE--Various Articles and information on the Jersey Devil.


THE JERSEY DEVIL--FACT OR FICTION?--The Jersey Devil's Birthplace is generally regarded to be in Leeds Point, in what is now Atlantic County. Differing legends put the birthdate at 1735, 1778, 1850, 1855, and 1857. The remains of the old Shourds house, reputed to be the birthplace in Leeds Point, can be found in the woods, locals say...

THE JERSEY DEVIL LEGEND--The following versions have been culled from various sources (see bibliography under books and links). I’m not attempting to delineate fact from fiction here, just an archival list of all the versions I’ve heard and read over the years. If you have a version that is not listed here, email it or send it to me. Don’t make it up, because that’s not the purpose of the listing. (Although I’m quite sure they were all made up.) I want the listing to be based on the legends that have been passed down verbally over the years.

THE JERSEY DEVIL--The story of the Jersey Devil is an authentic folk legend. It is as varied as the number of people who claim to have seen or heard him. For over 250 years, tales have circulated about the nocturnal ramblings of a creature emerging from the mists of a lonely desolate marsh. As interest in the supernatural has grown, tales of the Jersey Devil have grown to blend folk belief with South Jersey history.

MIB JERSEY DEVIL PAGE--Question: What has the head of a ram, the body of a lion, the hooves of a goat, the wings of an eagle, and is from New Jersey? If you said ,"the average household pet in neighborhoods next to nuclear power plants", you were close, but wrong: It's the Jersey Devil, a creature that has been terrorizing the residents of New Jersey for the past 400 years.


LAND OF THE RISING SON-- What makes a small Northern Japanese Town claim to be the unlikely burial ground of Jesus Christ? EDWARD MAZZA and GLENN KARDY and FORTEAN TIMES explore one of the village's most precious legends and evaluate its claims for glory

JESUS CHRIST DIED IN JAPAN??--Solitary village named Herai-village in Aomori Prefecture.Present name is Shingo-village.Origin of name is said to be a dialect of Hebrew. Omaro Takeuchi revealed Jesus Christ died in Herai-village.Renamed Daitenku Taro Jurai and married to Miyuko, and fathered three daughters before dying peacefully at the age of 106. Christ's body was buried by wind funeral on nearby Herai-take(1159m) and his bones buried after four years.It's Christ's tomb(Jurai-mound).And next to it Judai-mound lie remains buried in the memory of Maria, and the depated brother's hair.

THE STRANGEST STORY EVER TOLD--The Weird Saga of Jesus in Japan or Coca-Cola and the Second Coming


YESHUA OF JAPAN-- A post doctoral semiotician and Hebraist discovers that a Japanese folksong says in Hebrew "I am born to Ya/God.



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