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THE MUSEUM OF QUESTIONABLE MEDICAL DEVICES--Devious Displays of Quackery, Fraud, Deceit and Deception -- the largest collection of medical chicanery and mayhem ever assembled under one roof !!!

BRIAN'S PAGE OF ANTIQUE WEIRDNESS--"What follows is a piece of my collection of antique weirdness. If you cannot enjoy racism, ignorance, nudity, sex, or just plain weirdness within their historical context, then this is not the place for you. If you can see possibilities of the humor, the horror, and plain shock value in some of this material, then click on the following links and enjoy."

WACKY PATENT OF THE MONTH--The Wacky Patent of the Month is devoted to recognizing selected inventors and their remarkable and unconventional patented inventions.

WEIRD BUT TRUE--The world is weirder than science

THE BILLIE ALONZO FILE - INCLUDING FULL TEXT!--SAMPLE: 'On July 23, 1984 there were two somewhat round globs of cloud with the very large mouths of PacMan over the Pacific Ocean. On the 29th, PacMan again appeared over the Pacific; this time with his mouth wide open and somebody's head inside about to be swallowed. A chinaman looking on is scared out of his wits! This conveys a message, get it?'

THE PAPER HOUSE - PIGEON GROVE, MASSACHUSETTS --Elis F. Stenman, with the assistance of his family, began the construction of the Paper House in 1922. For the next twenty years, the Stenmans layered and and pasted and rolled approximately 100,000 newspapers to use in the creation of their two-room dream home. What started as an experiment in novel construction materials yielded paper tables, chairs, lamps, and bookshelves. The walls are made of 215 layers of newspaper. Most of the exterior layer type is completely readable, and Paper House visitors can spend hours perusing classic headlines and snippets of articles.

BISHOP'S CASTLE--Beulah, Colorado - For nearly 30 years Jim Bishop has been building a castle on a mountainside in central Colorado. "Did it all myself, don't want any help," he says mechanically as he unloads a pile of rocks that he's hoisted to the 70-foot level on one of the castle towers. Every year since 1969, Bishop has single-handedly gathered and set over 1000 tons of rock to create this stone and iron fortress in the middle of nowhere. Bishop calls it "a monument to hard-working people" and "America's biggest, one-man, physical project."


    THE MAJOR MATT MASON TOY CONSPIRACY--Here we are in a new millennium - - why aren't we vacationing on the moon? Because all the rocket scientists work at Mattel. As Fox Mulder or Oliver Stone will tell you, a good conspiracy-alien or otherwise-often sounds ridiculous at first. With this in mind, allow me to explain how the sudden disappearance of Mattel's Major Matt Mason was but a cog in the alien plot that grounded America's space program....

    MYSTERY OF THE MAGIC 8 BALL REVEALED!--Have you ever owned a Magic 8 Ball? Asked it questions and been disturbed by how often it answered correctly? Wondered just what it was that went on inside? Well, for those of you too timid (or is it intelligent?) to have ever looked for answers to these questions, this is where to find them.

    ET CORN GODS LANGUAGE AND GAME--"The First Ever - for sure - intellectual contact with ET's"

    COUSIN COUPLES--The world's primary information and support network for and about romantic relationships among cousins.

    FOR SALE BY MENTAL PATIENT--"I am mental - I am a patient - I like to sell things!!! CHECK OUT TODAY'S SALES!!

    BULIMIC BLOWDOWN AT HIGH NOON--Online Game...YOU can play as your favorite actress or rockstar!

    GOTHIC BABE OF THE WEEK--"In darkness my heart was won."

    C-SPAM NEWS SERVICE--C-SPAM presents a scrolling display of unsolicited commercial e-mails. Select your choice of background music from the pull down menu and then click on the link to launch C-SPAM.

    FAMOUS MUG SHOTS--The famous and infamous behind bars.

    WEIRD MAP OF THE WORLD--This is a active map click on the UFO in your area to find weird stories from your neck of the woods.The stories where taken from the pages of   Fortean Times!

    MUTANT WATCH--Senator Kelly is pushing for a brighter, genetically cleaner United States of America. "As I speak, there is a new and ominous danger facing our families. It is a danger facing every man, woman and child. And only a handful of Americans even know it's out there..What menace am I speaking of? The greatest scourge of the twenty-first century. My friends, I'm talking about mutants.

    THE DEATH CLOCK--The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away.

    JESUS SEEKS LOVING WOMAN--Golden-haired, blue-eyed Jesus seeks devoted young woman (18-26), preferably of recent Norse-Germanic heritage, who wishes to live in the spirit of the eternal. Innocence, or rebirth into innocence, and a desire to transcend the material mendacity of this world are essential! I offer a pure and spiritual existence of life's essence, free of fear, free of despair.

    THE HOMEPAGE OF GOD--Need I say more?

    ALANIS MORISSETTE LYRIC GENERATOR--Don't you just love Alanis Morissette? Doesn't her music just set your heart afire with the passion of misspent youth? Don't you wish you could write catchy pop hits just like she does? Well now you can. Simply fill out a form and the Alanis Morissette Random Lyric Generator will spill out a #1 hit song that you can ride all the way to the bank! Go on! Get miserable!

    THE INTERNET SQUEEGEE GUY--You've just pulled right up to a stoplight on the Superhighway. The Internet Squeegee Guy will wash the inside of your monitor screen for spare change. Do you help the poor guy or not? What should you do ...what WILL you do?

    JESUS' DIET FOR YOUR SINS--Too Little Time? Life Too Short? Lengthen time by not eating.. A revolutionary concept to increase experiential time, while also adding years to your life.

    FELLAH'S BIG TOE PREDICTS EARTHQUAKES--"Early in 1995, after several days with the itch, I awoke with a calm; quiet; subdued Big Toe. What is different? I thought to myself. When I saw the headline in the morning paper, I jokingly concluded that my Big Toe had been warning me of the 7.2 EQ at Kobe, Japan the day before, on Jan.17,'95. Three days later, the scenario repeated with a 6.5 EQ in Colombia. I theorized that my toe is somehow bio-mechanically attuned to the geo-magnetic phenomenon associated with faultlines. As the stress builds within the earth, the magnetic forces increase and so does the itch. When the stress is relieved by an EQ, the itch stops. Honest!"

    PLASTIC MAN FACTORY--Are you tired and sick of your old human body? Do you need an overnight sex change? We have the solution for your problems! Do not worry anymore! We can implant a brand new Body into your old head for only $29.99 (finance available for homeless, and kids under 12).

    MADAME GUILLOTINE--The Curator of the only guillotine museum in Sweden


    BILLY BOB'S DISCOUNT EGG AUCTION--"The only web site that provides you with the unique opportunity to bid on Discount Eggs from cheap, fertile, easy women."

    THE OFFICIAL BEER CHURCH--"Because beer is good and you are worthy."


    THE FUNNY NAME SERVER--Welcome to the Funny Name Server! Admit it. You've done this at least once in your life. As you were looking up a number in the phone book, a funny listing caught your eye. As you chuckled at the poor sap whose name is also a curse word you thought, "Cool! If I had nothing better to do, what other funny names could I find in the phone book?" That's where the Funny Name Server comes in: E. Rectanus, Fuvzat Pus, A. Bung, Ye Fu Fuk--we've got 'em all, and plenty more where they came from! Even businesses: Canadian Peat Moss Information Bureau, Dick's Self-Service, Suffering Duck Restaurant, and lots more.

    THE BUREAU OF MISSING SOCKS--The Bureau of Missing Socks is the first organization solely devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks. It explores all aspects of the phenomena including the occult, conspiracy theories, and extraterrestrial.

    THE ANSWERING MACHINE--The Ultimate Resource For Telephone Answering Machines. Are you still using the default message that was supplied with your telephone answering machine? Do you want to amuse your callers? Here you will find the largest collection of answering machine messages available anywhere - all free to download and use!

    CRUNCHYGODS.COM--Guess you will just have to go there!!

    GUESS THE DICTATOR AND/OR TELEVISION SIT-COM CHARACTER--Pretend to be your favorite dictator or television sit-com character and I'll try to guess who you're supposed to be. Other despots and miscellaneous world leaders as well as tv characters in general are also allowed. Make sure not to change your mind halfway through--I find it helpful to write these kinds of things down on my hand so I don't forget, but you can do as you wish.

    THE T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S PROJECT--T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. stands for Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations. T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. is a series of experiments conducted during finals week, 1995, at Rice University. The tests were designed to determine the properties of that incredible food, the Twinkie.

    PLAGUE DOMES--Hand Crafted Biblical Plague Waterdomes!! Since the birth of this idea in December 1998, we have developed two models of domes. The"Plague of Locusts Dome" and the "Three Days of Darkness Dome." More information about these domes are available from the menu above. It is our plan to develop and make available complete sets of all ten Plague Domes - before Capitalism dies in earthquakes and commet collisions (ALONG WITH THE REST OF US!)

    FLATULENCE FILTER--The First Reusable Air Filter For Those Who Suffer from Smelly Intestinal Gas.This is not a Hoax. This is a real product that really works.Are your friends or relatives polluting the air you breathe with smelly intestinal gas? Stinks doesn't it. Do something about home, office and car pollution! Because of high fiber diets or illnesses like Diabetes, IBS, bowel surgery, etc., they can't control the gasto-intestinal odors they produce. But, they can't help it. Instead of complaining, get them a Flatulence Filter®, originally know as the TooT TrappeR®. It works so well that we give a 90 day money back guarantee.


    THE CONTORTION HOMEPAGE--Page Dedicated To The Art Of Contortion.

    LOCH NESS MONSTER CAM--The loch may look calm now, but keep your eyes peeled. According to some 1,500 years of legend and scholarship, a gigantic sea beast roams these waters, and you never know when "Nessie," as she is affectionately known, will rear her monstrous head (or neck or tail).

    BREAST PALS--"A Celebration of Breast Art in Everyday Life and Nature!".

    TRENT PAPER DOLLS--Now you can dress Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) in the clothes and accessories of your choice!!

    THE CHEEZIEST GOTH SITE OF THE WEEK!--The Cheeziest Goth Site of the Week! Well, actually the Bi-Weekly Cheeziest Goth Site, but that didn't make for a good theme and title. Here, though, you will find a series of links that exemplify everything wrong with the Gothic Subculture. Beware! These sites display 12 year-old Manson fans, scary old-guy-goths with potbellies and forklifts, and other such "real vampires."

    FURNTURE PORN--The HOTTEST site on the Web for hardcore furniture action! If you're ready to see some hot, horny home furnishings get their freak on, then you're in the right place!! You won't believe what our furniture will do! It'll make you pop your springs and throw your pillows!!

    DISGRUNTLED HOUSEWIFE.COM--Your guide to modern living and intersex relationships.

    ADULT THUMB SUCKING--aka, "and then Thumb", a site for those who stay out of sight - the adult thumb sucker.

    THE CONFESSOR--The Confessor is your space to tell all. Everyone has secrets but not all secrets can be told, at least not to people we know. Do you have some aching problem that you've been living with and are dying to tell someone? Don't let it fester inside you, let it go here. The Confessor asks that you be honest about your confession and in return we offer not only a space for you to release your secrets but also complete anonymity. We will not release your name to anyone, in fact you don't even have to give us your real name. Come back after you submit your confession and hear what people have to say. Some may offer absolution, some may berate your sin but at least you'll get a new perspective on your confession.

    DOODOO.COM--Revenge is sweet. Especially when harmless and yet SO SATISFYING... will pack and send an anonymous heaping pile to anywhere in the world!

    GOBLER TOYS--There is something "creepy" about this toy company..For instance the "Play Dead Coffin," so you can "teach your parents a lesson," And "Kiki the Fashion Tiki...Ward of evil spirits with style!"

    GENTLEHINTS.COM--We all know someone who offends in some way but we're not always able to find the right words to bring the problem to their attention. Allow to apprise the individual in a gentle and diplomatic manner while preserving your anonymity.

    THE SIDEBURN APPRECIATION SOCIETY--The Sideburn Appreciation Society, SAPS, is the latest development in the craze that is sweeping the world. SAPS is the brain child of a few down-to-earth blokes, with great foresight in the great facial fluff. SAPS is an equal opportunity society, anyone who shows affection for the burns can become a member.

    SARCO'S BLOOD BAR AND GRILL--The sun's down. Your stomach's growling. Your elongated incisors are itching for a good meal. It's time to pull off the highway; give the hearse a rest and stop into Sarco's Blood Bar & Grill, America's favorite alternative diner! We're always open.

    THE PEOPLE'S PHOTO GALLERY--An archive of pictures found on the streets by people like you and me.

    BUBBLE BODY WEAR--Bikinis, bras, and briefs made from bubble wrap.

    REVENGE UNLIMITED --Whether its an ex-relationship, annoying co-worker or anyone NOT special, there is no better way to say "Wish You Weren't Here" than a bouquet of the dead and dying.

    THE DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW--Complete instructions for viewing the  Wizard of Oz  with Pink Floyd's  Dark Side Of The Moon  as soundtrack! You will be stunned and amazed at the synchronicities!

    THE KUBRICK-FLOYD SITE--The Synchronicities of Stanley Kubrick and Pink Floyd. The general consensus in the world today seems to be that there might conceivably be "something up" Kubrick-Floyd wise. Throughout the world people have been reporting paranormal phenomena of the Kubrick-Floydian variety. This web site is launched for the public interest in the hope of furthering by this small contribution the dissemination of interested information related to all things Kubrickian, Floydian, and Kubrick-Floydian.

    THE BLADE RUNNER/WISH YOU WERE HERE SYNCHRONICITY PAGE--Yet another synching synchronicity...This one involves the movie Blade Runner with the substituted sound track of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here.

    COOKING WITH MUMMY--Mummy, or processed dead flesh, was, for centuries, one of the most popular cure-all remedies in Europe. It was so fashionable in one period that noblemen carried tiny bags of mummy powder tucked into their clothing wherever they went (1). François I of France always rode with a leather pouch of it attached to his horse’s saddle (2), and Shakespeare’s Othello carried a handkerchief "dyed in mummy, which the skilful / Conserved of maidens’ hearts."(3)

    LIZZIE BORDEN BED AND BREAKFAST--The Bed & Breakfast-Museum is named after Andrew J. Borden’s youngest daughter, Lizzie. Although she was tried and acquitted of the crimes she was ostracized by the community of Fall River.Since the murders on August 4, 1892 the house has been a private residence. Now for the first time the public is allowed not only to view the murder scene, but is given an opportunity to spend a night (if you dare) in the actual house where the murders took place.">

    WISONSIN'S 'GROOVIEST' MOTEL--The Ultra-Modern GOBBLER Motel and Supper Club! This one you HAVE to see to believe!!


    THE INSTITUTE OF OFFICIAL CHEER--Helping tomorrow feel superior by scoffing at yesterday! Includes: The Gallery Of Regrettable Food and The Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots.


    YODA'S COOKBOOK--Yummy Recipies from Yoda.

    THE WEBTOILET--DIE TOILETTE des WWW--Virtual Museum of...toilets!

    RESTROOMS OF THE FUTURE--Includes articles such as: Restrooms in the New Millennium, Security in Public Restrooms and A Woman’s Guide on How to Pee Standing.

    PREDICT IT--Got a knack for seeing the future? This site will PAY you for correct predictions.

    THE FLAMINGO SURPRISE YARD SERVICE--Instead of a card say it in the yard. Yard displays for all occasions

    THE JON BENET RAMSEY OUIJA CASE FILES--This information was obtained through the use of the Ouija Board on May 15th, 1997

    AS SEEN IN...--Take a virtual tour of actual sets, and find out where to buy the products you see in shows and movies. Soon, you can buy those items right here, so watch as we become your one stop Hollywood shop for products, entertainment news, celebrity style and one-on-one interviews.

    DREAMHELMET--Invented by world traveler and author Jim De Cordova, Jim's Backpackers Guide, to help you sleep anytime, any where. It is a cuddly pillow covering the eyes with a sleep mask and the ears with sound muffling material.

    WOMEN WITH BEARDS--In former days women with beards were exposed as an aberration at fairs.In the 21st century female facial hair will be the ultimate of sexual seductiveness. Be prepared and download here your calendar for the year 2000

    THE DAMNEDEST THING I EVER SAW--Stories and Photos from all kinds of people about..the damnedest things they have ever seen!! Some Funny STUFF!!


    STRANGE BUT TRUE--Here you can find all kinds of useful facts like:Clinophobia is the fear of beds and A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second!

    POSTCARDS FROM PRISON--"We provide the opportunity for everyone to drop loved ones (be that family,friends, or lawyer) a card now and again to let them know how things are going (You can drop hated ones a card too, but we'd rather you were nice - nastiness can lead to undesirable ends). Prison Prisoners Film Equipment Old Style Misc Six pages of pictures connected with imprisonment are available to accompany the tales told - there are images of prison, prisoners, pictures from films about prison, images of punishment equipment and old style punishment and many others."

    CAS-KIT---BUILD YOUR OWN CASKET--Simple, Dignified,Affordable, You Assemble, Can Double as Fine Furniture! The CasKit can be modified into a fully functional piece of furniture (such as a bookcase, coffee table, or armoire) until it is finally needed. At the appropriate time, the bookshelves or closet rod is removed and it is ready to be used for its ultimate purpose. Dignity need not be expensive.

    FLY POWER--The only site on the Internet totally devoted to the intricacies and pursuit of fly powered avionics.


    PIERCING MILDRED --(The Game) Piercing Mildred. Borne of the 90s' two favorite pastimes -Body Modification and the Internet -Piercing Mildred offers you the chance to exact body modifications such as exotic tattoos, piercings and scarification without all the muss and fuss. And while you're at it, you'll compete head-to-head against other piercing freaks from around the globe. Weekly contests keep things moving.Pierce, buzz and slice 'till the infections come home. Buy antibiotic ointment to cure them. Your continued participation wins $100 game cash for more pierces and scars and, depending how ambitious Mildred's admins are, maybe even a cool little prize from one of Chicago's purveyors of weird stuff.

    CLICHE FINDER--Have you been searching for just the right cliché to use? Are you searching for a cliché using the word "cat" or "day" but haven't been able to come up with one? Just enter any words and this search engine will return any clichés which use that phrase...


    LIP BALM ANONYMOUS--Our primary purpose is to stay free from lip balm and to help others achieve the same freedom.


    SCOTT PAKIN'S AUTOMATIC COMPLAINT LETTER GENERATOR --Just fill in the blanks and a complaint letter is custom generated for your use!

    THE DEAD PEOPLE'S SERVER--Remember whatshisname? He played the guy in that dumb movie with whoziss. What ever happened to him? Specifically, is he dead yet?

    FIND A GRAVE--Here you can search for a grave location by: Name, Location and Claim To Fame.

    MR. SMARTY PANTS SEXUAL KNOWLEDGE PAGE --Includes such useful information as:Cleopatra made her diaphragm from camel dung and Kellogg's Corn Flakes were invented by a Dr. Kellogg in hopes that they would reduce masturbation.

    THE SERIAL KILLER HIT LIST --Tune In, Log On, Drop Dead! The Internet Crime Archives.

    DRIVEWAYS OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS --Perched precisely and marvelously at that point where cyberwonk fandom,responsible journalism, and pop-culture dadaism all meet, Driveways of the Rich & Famous is no more and no less than what it says it is. Ergo, it may in fact be the funniest celeb site on the Net. An online extension of one John Cunningham's L.A.-based public-access cable show, the home page enables you to view the garages, carports,and blacktops of more than 100 stars in tiny, droll images. But wait -- there's more! Read the comments of service-industry toilers whose lives rub daily against glamour, such as Nicolas Cage's contractor Tony ("He's fine; he's okay," Tony reveals! Thrill to David Hasselhoff's unprintable invective when quizzed about his driveway! Shiver as Trini Lopez confesses that he watches Cunningham's show! Howl as Lloyd Bridges grouses about his misaligned brickwork ("My wife complains about this, it wasn't put in straight...") With all the gossip sites on the Web, how nice to find one that offers real access.


    THE ORIGINAL WORLD FAMOUS HOME APPLIANCE SHOOTING PAGE--From the site:"Over the fifteen years, I've shot many, many electro-mechanical devices to pieces. This has included televisions,micro-wave ovens, and all sorts of other stuff that looked fun to shoot." The site includes photos of these endeavors.

    HEARTLESS BITCHES INTERNATIONAL...."Because we know that bitch means being in total control, Honey!"

    MUSEUM OF DIRT--Repository and showcase of dirt from the far corners of the earth! Includes samples from The White House,Jim Morrison's grave,The Beverly Hillbillies Mansion and many other sites of interest.

    THE KOOKS MUSEUM--"As curator and founder of the first Kooks Museum in history I am fulfilling a half-life-long goal of housing kook ideas from all over the world under one crumbling roof. Here, my Solution To The World Problem collection will finally have a home. Here, many small religious groups will meet each other face to face, to battle it out for the title, "Ten Lost Tribes of Israel." Here ancient perpetual motion devices will sit side-by-side with the latest in anti-gravity technology. The point of all this excess is neither to debunk nor to proselytize. Rather, my intent is to document and study the vast cornucopia of forgotten, discredited and extreme ideas, with all due consideration to social and cultural context."

    IDIOT.COM--Includes "useful" chart where you can find out what kinds of idiots are in YOUR state!

    THE DARWIN AWARDS--Warning! These macabre events may cause cynicism. What Are They? In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate the remains of individuals who suffered idiotic and fatal misadventures, thereby dousing our gene pool with chlorine.

    STRANGE BUT TRUE --Strange but true facts like: "Nose prints are used to identify dogs, just like humans use fingerprints!"

    MOOSE MANSIONS --"Mostly evading police curbs on indecent and offensive Internet material since Anno Domini 1995, with only three convictions and one sizeable fine to date"

    INTERNET DEATH-CULT OF FUN--Not just your average Internet Death Cult. The only Internet Death Cult to offer a complete money back guarantee.

    WHITEDOT.ORG--Seeks to answer that ridiculous question: "What do you do if you don't watch TV?" A campaign against the television industry.

    CORPSES FOR SALE --Each corpse is Hand Crafted and is very durable in construction. Total attention to detail is seen in certain features such as fillings in the teeth, nostril cavities and fingernails that are imbedded into the decaying skin. The corpse is fully articulated so the head turns from side to side, the mouth opens and will snap shut, all the limbs move and the fingers can be bent into different positions.

    THE VIRTUAL VOMIT PAGE --Let's you vomit in virtual reality!

    DECADENT ACTION--Consumer Terrorists,Champagne Anarchists,Cocktail Revolutionaries, The home of the hyper-inflationary anarchists. Founders of World Phone in Sick Day and stars of the Channel 4 film Gluttony with Decadent Action.

    THE STRAIGHT DOPE--"Fighting Ignorance since 1973 (It's taken longer than we thought!)

    ANXIETY CULTURE--"Anxiety Culture is a webzine containing a wealth of gimmicks for navigating the Anxiety Age.We peek at the paranoias hidden behind the respectable suburban front door....."

    C.L.A.W.S.--Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery-Re-thinking the work ethic.

    THE CULTURE JAMMERS' ENCYCLOPEDIA--The ultimate listing of hoaxers and pranksters.

    ROTTEN.COM --The soft white underbelly of the net,eviscerated for all to see: Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience.

    MANSON FAMILY PICNIC --a children's picture book with an attitude!

    THE UNREPENTANT NECROPHILE: --An Interview with Karen Greenlee

    BADART.COM--The Worst Art on the Web


    THE MOLOTOV ORGANIZATION--The MOLOTOV ORGANISATION are conscientious objectors in the cultural war. We take action wherever necessary,according to our motto "whatever it is...we're against it" - our actions include bizarre club nights, guerilla art installations and various underground activities.

    IDIOT BOARD--" a collection of jokes, urban legends, and true stories to demonstrate the more stupid side of human nature. Whether you're after stories about people accidentally shooting off their own testicles, or about a man stuck in his catflap for an inordinate amount of time."

    FOXGLOVE SHOPPING MALL--A shopping mall with a difference. Here you can buy war, dangerous mobile phones, cheap insurance for smokers, and other complete garbage.


    THE MMF HALL OF HUMILIATION--"Putting an end to online scammers, or at least laughing at them mercilessly"

    THE PORCELAIN PALACE --All about toilets.

    BUNNY SURVIVAL TESTS HOMEPAGE --Purpose of Tests:To determine specific weaknesses and/or strengths possessed by "Marshmallow Bunnies"

    THE BUNNIES STRIKE BACK!!! --Why are the Bunnies so angry? The Bunny Survival Tests Homepage (above) inspired it all.



    THE SHRUNKEN HEAD PAGE--The people of South America known collectively as the Jivaro are well know for their practice of shrinking the heads of their enemies. Raids on alien tribes are carried out specifically to secure tsantsas, or shrunken head trophies. The attacks are usually small and are usually carried out on one house where the victim may be caught unaware. The trophies bring prestige to the head takers and trap the avenging souls of their victims.

    TSANTA: SHRUNKEN HEADS--Headshrinking in South America Shrinking a human head to the size of a baseball is a grisly but fascinating custom. It captures our interest and horrifies us at the same time. Like cannibalism, we are both appalled and magnetized by this seemingly savage act.

    TSANTA - SHRUNKEN HEADS OF THE JIVARO INDIANS--An On-line Exhibit of the Riverside Municipal Museum.

    JIVARO - SHRUNKEN HEADS--The desire of the Jivaro for heads is like the desire of Western cultures for gold.

    OWN YOUR OWN SHRUNKEN HEAD-- Our heads are hand crafted in Ecuador to simulate the real shrunken heads originating from the Jivaro’s. The process of creating these heads is very time consuming and involves the labor of a skilled Ecuadorian crafter. This process entails molding goats’ hides and then shaving it to resemble the original Jivaro heads.

    SHRUNKEN HEADS AUTO ACCESSORIES--Popular and hard to find auto accessory of the 1950’s, ’60’s and ’70’s is back! Hang it from your rear view mirror on its own attached string! You don't have to be a head hunter to own this grotesque conversation piece.


    HOW TO MAKE YOUR VERY OWN SHRUNKEN HEADS--It's best to look for an apple that has a shape similar to the one you want to carve. Of course, you have to take into account features such as the chin, ears, forehead, nose etc. Almost any apple can be whittled down so make sure you get one with a lot of "flesh" on it.

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